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OcadoBase on Part 1 word file as attached, do a Root Definition, CATWOE, detailed Rich Picture and Flowchart of the new system.Your work should be referenced including in text referencing with appropriate literature and form a logical and concise discussion.Part 2 – 500 words. (5 References required at least.)“For the new system, you should include Root Definition, CATWOE and produce a detailed “Rich Picture” (Hand Drawn) to fully illustrate your answer. Your rich picture needs to be down one in the current situation and another in the future situation. Your rich picture must indicate the problems well as the solutions. (Rich Picture not included in word count.)By means of a business process plan illustrate the changes including “AS IS” and “TO BE”. Detailed explanations of both plans are required and support your discussions with relevant literature. (Business process plans not included in word count.)”1.Root Definition – Statement must have a word count of 60 words at least.*** Elaborate your chosen solution.2.CATWOE – Table format *Explain table in statement format as well!* - 60 words at least.3.Rich Picture(HAND DRAWN is a MUST!)*** Current situation & Future situation Rich Picture (Total 2 detailed RP.)Explain your rich picture in statement as well – 100 words at least.4.Flowchart – Two types: “AS IS” & “TO BE”Elaborate/Explain in statement after flowchart is done.“AS IS” – Current (Include brief summer of the process plan.) – 110 words at least.“TO BE” – Future (Include summary to explain the process plan.) – 110 words at least.5.Conclusion – 50 words at least.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Continue to Part 3 on next page.

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