Occupational Health and Safety.

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Occupational Health and Safety2The following case study is based on the accident faced a certain worker while working in themanufacturing company in Alberta. This assignment is mainly based on the perspectives andthe outlook pertaining to the human resource professional thereby designing the entireprocedure through the formulation of steps executed to manage the situation concerning theaccident thus keeping the employee’s workload and how that can be shared. Sections 24, 25and 42 of the Workers Compensation Act of Alberta are considered to be relevant to thisparticular situation.Explanation of the purpose of the relevant actAccording to Tucker, (2003) section 24 addresses the eligibility criteria for derivingcompensation. It is stated that a certain worker might be compensated on the grounds that he/she has faced a sudden personal accident or injury unless the worker bears any attributionrelating to misconduct to it. This section also states that the dependents of the worker areexposed to compensation in case of the worker’s death. Thus in this light, the board is heldresponsible for the payment of the compensation. Moreover according to the act, it isanticipated that any sort of personal injury or accident and death occurred during theemployment is looked upon as a result of employment unless and until the contrary isrepresented (Island, 2006). The seventh part of section 24 also states that disablement or anyprobable disablement endured y the worker through the occurrence of any sort ofoccupational disease, the date that the disablement happened is adjudged or rated “in the caseof disablement” and Probable disablement respectively mentioned Seland et al., (2006).Section 25 addresses that in case a worker is disabled for a particular period of a day of theaccident or for the entire day then the employer is liable to offer compensation for thatspecific day on the next planed pay period amounting to the worker’s net wage for that periodin case if the worker was not exposed to the sudden injury or accident. On the contrary, itstates that the board is liable to offer only medical assistance and not any other sort ofcompensation stated Tucker, (2003). The second part of the section 25 states that if theworker gets disabled for more than a day then the employer s liable to compensate for the daywhile keeping at par with the board that will compensate for each day starting from the day ofaccident thus excluding only the days on which the worker would not have worked if he/ shewas in normal form. Pertaining to all these clauses under section 25, it is mandatory that theworker produces a physician’s report that displays the cause of the worker’s absence was dueto the injury or accident caused at the employment site (Animashaun & Odeku, 2014).
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