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Research Project
Table of Contents
“The benefits and the risks of offshoring and outsourcing.” A case on Marks and Spencer.
Overview of Research
Globalisation is considered to be a process of creating integration among economies by
removing the cross border barriers with an aim to increase trade flow among countries. The
anticipation of globalisation proves to be boom for several companies which are trying to expand
their practices for increasing their profitability as well as market value among the customers
(Tate and Bals, 2017). Globalisation also promoted the practices of offshoring and outsourcing
in order to provide business an opportunity to standardize their operations as well as services.
This in turn also supported toward increasing the customer base as globalisation support an
organisation to avail the opportunity of hiring expertise for performing production related
activities in more effective and positive manner. For performing this investigation Marks and
Spencer will be considered which a larger multinational retailer that offer product or services
related with lifestyle and household need. By performing investigation over such a giant retailer
it would be easier to determine the benefit as well as challenges present within the offshoring and
Background of Research
Globalisation is referring to interaction and integration of economies, people as well as
business by simplifying the cross border practices. This has brings up several opportunities in
front of business to expand their operations, bring up standardisation in practices, simplifying the
production process or increasing the productivity. For conducting investigation over this Marks
& Spencer is consider, a British multinational retailer which is headquartered in Westminster,
London. It offer variety of products such as high quality apparels, luxury food items and home
products. Marks & Spencer utilise the outsourcing practices in order to reduce its production cost
by maintain stores throughout the world. This brings up several benefit to the company as by this
it become able to improve productivity, increase unit of production, standardisation of
operations, achieving economies of scale (Graham and et. al., 2017). Despite of all these benefits
it also brings up several kinds of issues or risk factors such as lack in quality of product, not
fulfilment of customers demand, not proper interaction among company and production unit etc.
these all may affect business image as well as value in marketplace.
Rationale of Research
The main purpose of conducting investigation is to determine the benefits as well as risk
that offshoring and outsourcing functions provides to an organisation that help it in achieving
competitive edge. By performing investigation over this researcher would be able to enhance its
knowledge regarding the use of outsourcing and offshoring along with risk or benefits involve in
this practice. Despite of all this, investigation when get published may also be used for
academical purpose which support in enhancing the knowledge of students by studying over real
based examples. In addition to this, information presented within the investigation will be more
authenticated and reliable which can also be beneficial for Marks & Spencer as it provide
information regarding several risk company may face so that proper strategies can be formulated
for future practices (Rodríguez and Nieto, 2016).
Research Aim
“The benefits and the risks of offshoring and outsourcing of functions for an
organisation.” A case on Marks and Spencer.
Research Objectives
To understand the concept of offshoring and outsourcing.
To analyse the risks and benefits of offshoring and outsourcing for Marks and Spencer.
To determine the importance of offshoring and outsourcing for Marks and Spencer.
Recommend some ways through which negative outcome from offshoring and
outsourcing can be minimised.
Research Questions
Do you understand about the concept of offshoring and outsourcing ?
How the risks and benefits of offshoring and outsourcing affects Marks and Spencer?
Why offshoring and outsourcing is important for Marks and Spencer?
How the business can minimise the negative outcome of offshoring and outsourcing?
Gantt Chart
It is referring to the graphical representation of number of activities that are involved
within a particular project or investigation in a more systematic manner along with time taken by
them to ensure smooth flow of operations on sequential and timely manner so that objectives can
get accomplished.
Concept of offshoring and outsourcing
As per the views of Jonathan Webb, 2017, in current competitive marketplace the term
offshoring and outsourcing been a common phenomenon which contains its own positive and
negative impact over organisation productivity. In addition to this, the statement offshoring is
frequently connected with outsourcing as they require each other support. However, outsourcing
mention to the resettlement of occupation and procedure to extrinsic supply irrespective of
supply positioning, on the other hand offshoring signifies resettlement of line of work and
process to any overseas state without identifying whether the supplier is external or connected
with establishment (Dutta, Gwebu and Wang, 2017). Along with this, outsourcing may therefore
comprise transferring of job inside and between countries, while offshoring states only to global
relocations. The trends related to offshore outsourcing are growing over past decades with
entities ranging from multitude of industries that are enjoying the benefits at large aspects. Few
factors contributing towards the concept are cheaper labour costs, freedom to focus on core
business concerns, lack of professionals in particular business tasks and availability of educated
business specialists. For both, the ordinary disincentive is to decrease reimbursement of concern
by capitalise on existent comparative cost advantages peculiarly labour. In today's digital age,
many businesses have begun realising that offshoring and outsourcing can play a role in
accomplishing new level of competitiveness. Businesses that moves forward with the concept of
offshore addition with outsourcing, primarily reap benefits related to short term addition to long
term as these allows the managers to emphasise on strengthening business growth by taking off
activities including marketing addition to accounting without worrying about decline possibilities
in work quality (Peck, 2017). Likewise, these two concepts help Mark and Spencer to cut down
its costs as it enable them to leverage and collaborate with a team based in other geographical
location utilizing digital communication technology. Furthermore, whether it is long or short
term solution, outsourcing and offshoring help Mark and Spencer to stay globally competitive in
existing rapidly dynamic concern landscape. Apart from this, it alter them to analyze
contemporary or emergent trend of industry and founded on that make disciplinal course of
action in order to gain competitory benefit in an innovative or creative style.
Risks and benefits of offshoring and outsourcing that affect Marks and Spencer
According to Gino Lisondra, 2019, Although the generalization and roles among
offshoring and outsourcing are related, the carrying into action or executing and its repercussions
towards economy are contrary. However, offshoring comprises setting up corporal structure in
some other location whereas in outsourcing, there is no requirement of corporal transferral of
possession as they only prefer legal instrument or delegating of services to some other function
that could be situated in other part or nation. Offshore and outsourcing generally provides huge
benefits to an entity in terms of lowering costs, attaining business expansion, exercising more
control, emphasising towards developing practices and lowering down the associated risks
(Smith, 2017). In addition to this, the foremost advantage which Mark and Spencer experience
with the implication of these two aspects are reduce the cost of company as it enable them to
optimal utilisation of resources for obtaining maximisation of profit in a better way. Further,
these terms provides benefits to the selected organisation through reduces operational costs,
improving productivity together with improving business flexibility to manage time horizon
differentials. Moreover, it assist company to enhance its productivity level as it empower Mark
and Spencer to create new competence and ability sets that influence them to imply as a
competitive advantage in order to survive among industry for longer period of time.
Additionally, it give business more flexibility in staffing, manpower management which aid
them to prevention costs and can also choice the best personnel to endeavor entire organisation
center function in an impressive or productive style (Kaur, Singh and Majumdar, 2019).
Furthermore, outsourcing and offshoring aspects impact negatively over Mark and Spencer
business operation as it influence them in terms of cultural or social differences, communication
problems, security issues and so on that may reduce establishment proficiency ratio. In addition,
various challenges related to offshore outsourcing comprises of risk of exposing information
along with data that are confidential, lack of customer involvement or engagement, calibration
and synchronisation. These terms also causes communication problems, social together with
cultural differences and various security issues. Along with this, implementing best strategic
decision and planning effectively may lead Mark and Spencer to adopt best position within
combative industry as well as help them to improve their overall performance in an productive
style within desired time period.
As per the view point of Wiesmann and et. al., 2017, offshoring and outsourcing brings
up several benefit to an organisation such as it help in expanding the business the practices,
reduce the cost of the company in term of transportation and production etc. With the adoption of
Offshoring M&S get numerous of benefit such as it become able to enlarge its customers base
and also get a easier medium to expand its business practices in new market. These practices
directly affect the profitability of the company as it get increased with the increase in
productivity. On the other side, offshoring also brings certain risk like cultural adoption,
changes in customer demand etc. these risks have direct impact over the market value and
performance of Marks & Spence which may leads to negative publicity.
Offshoring and outsourcing importance to Marks and Spencer
As per the views of Pamela Leri, 2019, As the company develop or enrich in status of
their attribute and service diverseness, it get along ineluctable that they are centring much on
their enterprise affiliated core state. In emerging scenarios, Outsourcing with offshoring plays
important role of saving costs, managing risks, speeding up procedures related to embracing
innovative technologies, freeing internal resources as well as redirecting tasks or activities that
are more valuable, focusing towards management of distinct operations with activities in
effective manner. In addition, these concepts also increases operational performances, helps
businesses to deal with shortages of talented personnels at various organisational destinations
and results in setting plans for overcoming issues of seasonal workflows (Smith, 2017). In
context of Mark and Spencer, outsourcing and offshoring brings in a lot of flexibility and
financial problem which enhance firm's profit margin and brand image in an sensational or
productive style. Moreover, it assist establishment to examine all emerging or upcoming
challenges or threat and also help them in implementing foremost conclusion in order to adopt
sustainable profitableness ratio without any hindrances. Along with this, it empower Mark and
Spencer manager to analyse market situation as well as to make use of available platforms which
lead them to grow or enrich its potentiality to attain increased level of sales performance or
proficiency rate. Apart from this, it encourage firm to adopts modern or latest technologies and
novel ideas which help them to stand out on the ground of research and development.
Furthermore, with offshore and outsourcing, entities easily emphasis towards development
oriented operations, labour intensive functions, value adding tasks, leveraging procedures,
cultivating teams with strong bondings at another localities, aligning local operations that

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