OL 125: Personal Development Plan

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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – Final SubmissionStudent Name: Tania FarhatDate: 02/25/2017I have learned a lot of things from my Jungian Typology. The first thing which I havelearned is that I think a lot of the things and sometimes these thinking proves wrong. I requireexpressing my concerns in front of others more. I want to do my speed slow and look at the largesize pictures. A part of this, I learned a lot from my productive quiz. This gives me significantknowledge about my priorities a time management concepts. Both these things help me inbringing improvement in my performance. Upon taking the Locus of control questions, I learnedthat I require sharing my roles and responsibilities with others. Due to high responsibility in mymind, I am close to stress and burnout levels. I require stopping stressing over everything. If Idon't do this I make myself sick.By doing this plan, I can handle things in my future. After taking this plan, I learneverything and manage my present as well as future in a significant manner. I able to understandand listen to others instead of jumping directly to conclusions. After giving significant time onlistening viewpoint of others, I will able to manage my day to day activities and focus more onthe bigger picture for school and life.My main motive for this plan is to perform better in my school life. Personaldevelopment plan important for me because completing my school successfully I will able tomake my career and get life ahead by obtaining a deserving job according to my personality.With the help of personal development plan, I able to reduce my stress taking habit which givesbetter outcomes in present and future also.
ReferencesSnhu-media.snhu.edu. (n.d.).OL 125 Module Two Scenario. [online] Available at:http://snhu-media.snhu.edu/files/imedia/ol125/m2/ol125_module_two_scenario_output/story.html.Knowles, M.S., Holton III, E.F. and Swanson, R.A., 2014.The adult learner: The definitiveclassic in adult education and human resource development. Routledge.McGrath, M., 2014. Personal development plan.Leading the Way,11(1), p.21.Roberts, J., 2014. Landing the job: A guide to successful transition: Julia Roberts describes howshe used a personal development plan to make the leap to a senior executive role in health care.21(5), pp.18-21.Strengths(What do I do well?)Weaknesses(Where can I makeimprovements?)I can control my life very well, and allthe events which are happening arealso well organized by me.I’m very honest and trustworthinessperson.I am a very respectful personeverywhere.I can think in both languages, Arabicand English.I can communicate capably, butsometimes I experience problems incommunicating.I am impatient person.I am a perfectionist as well, everythingmust be perfect with me.I’m a short-sided person in somesituations.Opportunities(What kinds of things could Ibe doing based on my strengths?)Threats(Where could I be using mystrengths and talents more productively?)
Based on my strengths in controllingmy life, I can finish Bachelor’sDegree.I gain a lot of best friends.Everyone respects me back.I can get many job opportunities sinceI speak two languages.I can use my strengths in my studyingto improve my grades and get higherdegrees.I can be a reference person anywhere,and for anyone.I can succeed with my personalrelationships.I can choose any job I dreamed of in alot of countries.This SWOT introduced me to know myself more. The most interesting part of this SWOT wastheopportunities. It made me think of stuff that I didn’t used to think about before. When I sawmy abilities in my opportunities, they encouraged me to work more on myself to get moresuccessful chances in my life. After I knew all these things about myself I noticed that I need towork a little bit on myself to improve the way I am.FactorOpportunityThreatPoliticalI always keep acheck over thepolicy change inthe government.Creation of theglobal bodiesmay affect myfuture, so I readabout them often.Political issues ofthe neighboringI am almost aware of thenew government policiesso it could help me infuture. As governmentforms, various plans forthe employment in thecountry. I will be wellsettled in future.Political issues of theneighboring countriesand the country’sattitude to foreigninvestment mayinfluence our country’sinvestment hence myplans in return. I amplanning to study abroadbut the country’srelation may not allow
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