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IntroductionIn this paper, a discussion is based on the modules which are designed to help students inlearning management and leadership skills; based on that self-assessments are also done bystudents for assessing their people skills, anger management, team work, leadership skills, andmanagement skills.Table1Learning journal with a reflective entrySkillsGradeRecapResults sharingUnderstandingPeople skills55The basic skills inmanagement andleadership involvepeople skills, angermanagement, teamhandling, leadershipskills and managementskills.The obtained score of 55received on the peopleskill quiz shows that “Iam able to recognize thatworking well with othersin the workplace isimportant, and am tryingI was not surprisedon the basis ofscore I received onpeople skill as Ialways knew thatam improvement isalways needed inme to improvisemy peoplemanagement skills.I came to theconclusion aboutmyself that inorder to be in aposition tosucceed at mywork place I needto be pro-activeand determinethat in what areaan improvementis required tomake.
to work collaborativelywhile still making suremy needs are met. Thereis room forimprovement, however,as old habits may creepin during times of stressand pressure”.Angermanagement68The obtained score of 68received on the angermanagement skill quizshows that “I have a verygood understanding ofwhat makes me angry,and I know what to dowhen I start to feel signsof trouble”.I was not surprisedon the score whichI received on angermanagementbecause I rely onundertaking anywork withcalmness andpractice it strongly.I have shared withscores results withmy family and theyare happy that I amworking onimproving myThe scores arenot perfect andthus I came to theconclusion that Ineed to be morefocused on takingan appropriatedecision to dealwith the situationin a positive wayinstead ofsuppressing angerthat would resultin a feeling ofdepression in me.
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