Object-Oriented Programming in Java: Assignment

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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OOP in JavaProject developmentDegree Program:Year:Course No.:CourseTitle:Object-Oriented Programmingin JavaType of Assessment:Case studyWeighting:Deadline Date:09/01/20171
Business caseSimulating an LGV SystemAssignment:Written report of1000 words, excluding Table of Content andAppendixRationale:To assess students’ understanding of application development inEclipse, verifying how they can use and apply in a Projectdevelopment all the technologies explained during lessons.Learning Outcomes:1.Interpret a software design for a given problem, criticallyanalyzing the underpinning concepts of object-orientedmodeling.2.Demonstration that the student has learned Java to a degreethat he/she is able to develop a simple desktop application,that works based on the customer’s requirements.3.Demonstrate that the student is able to understand theSystem description and implement the corresponding OOcode in Java.Deadline:3 weeks after project has been introduced to the students.Assignment Format:Line space 1.5, Times New Roman size 12.Assessment Criteria:CriteriaPointsProblem description10Usage of Java to develop a functioning application40Screenshot of the system10Solution explanation30Extra information or design features10Total1002
The Case:Setting:Your company “Xtreme Software Builders” have been contacted to design a ControllingSoftware for an industrial LGV System that manages the operations between all the machinespresent in the system.This system is based on the following elements:a.Furnace: mechanical machine that presents as its output a box of tilesb.Wrapper: mechanical machine that receives in input a box of tiles and wraps it witha plastic box (to make all the tiles more stable). Then presents in output the same boxready to be picked up.c.LGV: mechanical robot that moves around the system picking up box from one placeand depositing it in a different place (it is an Autonomous robot that works withouthuman intervention).d.Park: empty space that will contain boxes deposited by LGV robot.e.Supervisor: software system that manages all the machines and produces order forthe LGV robot to move a box from one place to another.System FunctioningThe system to control is based on the elements above described and works as follow:Furnace: it produces as output a box of tiles that needs to be moved to Wrappermachine or to the Park depending on the temperature of this box :If Box_Temp < 100 Cit has to be moved to the WrapperIf Box_Temp >= 100 Cit has to be moved to the ParkThis machine can be represented using the following information:ID (identifier)[int]Temperature[int]Box_To_PickUp[bool]Wrapper: it is a machine that is used to put a plastic cover around the box to makeall the tiles more stable. It presents two points:Input : to receive a box deposited by the LGV robotOutput : to present a wrapped box ready to be picked up by LGV robotThis machine can be represented using the following information:3
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