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Opening:Why is globalization good? – Your opinionFor example:Globalization is good because it provides the world with more efficientmarkets, increases competition leading to better goods, generates wealth in allparts of the world and builds and stabilizes security.Globalization is steadilygrowing as technology allows individuals within each country to communicate withpeople previously out of reach.The world is becoming increasingly interconnected as governments work together tosolve global problems. The globalization process has made markets more efficientas businesses and organizations have had to relearn how to create a good or offer aservice in the most efficient manner in order to make a profit.The increased competition is another benefit of globalization. With new producersappearing frequently, there are more people and businesses competing for a shareof the global economy. This leads to competitive markets that offer higher quality ofgoods as well as more affordable prices.Another benefit of globalization is the change it offers to people in poorer countries. Itgives these people a chance, though perhaps not nearly as great as the chancepeople have in wealthier nations, to sell goods and to make a profit leading togreater wealth distribution. Globalization also protects the world as countriesdepending on one another for their economy stability are less likely to attack oneanother.1.Where is you opening? Above example for your ref.2.Italicyour citation / references (in text citation)3.References to be stated at end of every questions.
Q1: Do you agree with the “Hyper Globalist” claim that the world is borderless.Give three (3) reasons to support your answer, if yes or no.Yes, I agreed with the hyper globalist view of a borderless world because of theglobalization the number of investors and global capital flows has increased due tothe higher margin and earnings. The businessmen are trying to find different ways tocreate a unique selling proposition over other competitors to make the consumersprefer their services over other competitors in the market.This change has been seen in all the top organizations and if we have a look at thestats, the economy has been improved a lot due to growth of global markets. So, tostay in the market, every day a new strategy is established by the financier to retainits position in the market[ CITATION DNe05 \l 1033 ].Crossover of culture is more evident because of globalization and many globalistsadvocates that free trade and free markets are the powerful tool for enhancing thecultures as trade creates wealth and this wealth helps to remove the poverty andpoor people from the daily work for survival[ CITATION JCe98 \l 1033 ].For the borderless world, the technology is the most powerful tool used by thebusiness persons. As there are 600 million citizens in the country and more than halfof the people are shopping through online sites so a proper medium should be usedto make the product reach the people and use of technology can make the industryreach the heights. It is to be scrutinized as to which technology favors the companyand which doesn’t. In order to reach the consumers of, use of high technology is amust[ CITATION The12 \l 1033 ]. The digital campaigning can be launched to influencethe people.1.Italicyour citation / references (in text citation)2.References to be stated at end of every questions.3.Break up yourfacts and figuresclearly. (Example: As per your Q2)4.Include more facts; minimum450 words for Q1.5.Recommend to include charts/photos/graphs
Q2: What are some of the features of ASEAN regional grouping and theirimplications for members?ASEAN regional grouping was set up in the year of 1967 and having five originalmember countries and these countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singaporeand Philippines. After that Brunei, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia alsojoined the ASEAN Regional grouping after 1984[ CITATION Ass16 \l 1033 ]. Thepurposes of the ASEAN declaration are as below: -(i)To increase speed of economic growth, social progress and culturaldevelopment in the region, and(ii)To promote peace and stability among the countries.Features and its Implications:Facts 1 -Sustainable Development: -ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and the UnitedNations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will be applied in a manner tocreate a community that is people oriented and centred around the people. Theefforts of Thailand’s and leadership help to promote complementarities, peace andsecurity.Implications for members: -This feature helps to introduce Green Movement thatprevents from pollution and saving the region from global warming.Global warmingis also one of the serious problems faced by the people across the world. Globalwarming is basically an increase in the temperature of earth due to the emissions ofthe greenhouse gases like CO2, SO2 and Nitrogen Oxide. The increase in CO2 andother gases leads to melting of the ice caps that raises the level of the sea andcreate a dangerous situation for the people of Vietnam who are living in coastalareas of Vietnam[ CITATION SPi10 \l 1033 ].Facts 2 -Drug trafficking: - This helps in the improvement of problems which arebeing faced by hospitals which are related to costs. There is a dire need of the DRG
process as it helps to analyze that whether the information given by healthcareindustries correspond to the information which is given in the records which aremaintained regarding the patients. The main purpose of the DRG audit is to figureout what are the errors related to sequencing and coding which has an influenceover the assignments of DRG.Facts 3 -Money Laundering: - Money laundering is established to reduce drugtrafficking and also address to other crimes like terrorism. Money laundering statessome of the assessments like-To introduce and describe the current anti-money laundering regime,Help in the establishing the framework for assessing the effectiveness of theregime, andImplementation of framework to calculate how well the current system worksand what improvements are needed[ CITATION RSu14 \l 1033 ].Cyber security: - As we know that the technology is developing very fast and alsoprovide vast areas of opportunity, but these technologies also bring the newtechnology with the unpredictable threats with them. Thus, cyber security is thesystem of protecting networks and data from cyber-crime.Cyber security is importantbecause in the modern era everything is connected to the internet.Another feature introduced by the ASEAN regional grouping is ICT Masterplan 2020that is towards the digital economy and it enables an innovative and integratedcommunity.1.Nicely done! Facts are clearly stated on point form.2.Italicyour citation / references (in text citation)3.References to be stated at end of every questions.4.Recommend to include charts/photos/graphs
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