OPER2045 – Master Planning Fall 2018.

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OPER2045 – Master Planning Fall 2018Assignment # 1 (KH)– 12.5% of Final GradeA-CAT Corp.: Forecasting – Ivey Case This case analysis is to be prepared in teams of 2-3. Please sign your team up in class. Go through the process of a case prep to start. That will help you with the analysis of the case. Your case analysis needs to cover the following questions:1.Research the electrical appliances industry in India. (1 page maximum) Pay particular attention to the market segment that A-CAT Corp. competes in. What significance does this analysis have on the forecasting process that A-CAT Corp. should use? Please document references in report.2.Plot the data and describe what you see. What does it mean and how would you use the information from the plot to help you develop a forecast. Look at both yearly and monthly data.3.Create at least 3 forecast models, using 2 or more combined quantitative forecasting techniques for the demand over the next 12 months. Put each model in a separate worksheet. Correlation should be considered. Based on the historical data provided, determine which one has the least amount of error. Can we assume that will be the best forecast? Why not? 4.Recommend what forecasting process A-CAT Corp. should be using. What forecasting techniques should they use? Who should be involved in forecasting? How will they monitor the forecast going forward? What external information should be used? The final forecast recommendation model including adjustment for qualitative data should be in a separate worksheet.Report Format: A word document and excel file are required. A team contract, you choose format is due by week of October 1 at end of lab class. This team contract should at a minimum include performance expected from each team member including progressive discipline (a basis for positive or negative reinforcement), a project plan- when meeting, what discussing, preparation required, your contact information, and all team members must sign. On previous assignments there were a few issues and most of you have suggested on your lessons learned that you should not procrastinate. The project plan may help you follow through on your lessons learned if you follow it. There are more detailed instructions on eConestoga.Word Document- Hardcopy hand in required and electronic copy in dropbox. This is all I require-not written case analysis.Include a title page with project name, student names and ID, professor name and date submittedExecutive Summary

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