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(solved) Operating System PDF

Added on - 23 Mar 2020

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Running head: OPERATING SYSTEMOperating SystemName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note
1OPERATING SYSTEMAnswer to question 1The Tasty Android Oreo OSGoogle on a month ago pulled the wraps off the latest edition of its Android mobile OS. Android8.0 Oreo has various enhancements more than 7.1 Nougat, the past arrival of the OS.Google has changed Android's notification component, for example, so when an application hasnotices pending, a speck shows up in an edge of the program's symbol. Press the spot and awindow will fly up demonstrating the warnings, which can be cleared with a swipe. Moreover,there's an Instant App highlight for entering new applications straightforwardly from a programwith no interceding strides. There's additionally another Autofill highlight for quicker logins toadministrations and applications. (John, 2017)Android Oreo doesn't look all that unique in relation to the past adaptation of Android, Android7.1.2 Nougat, yet you'll see a couple of changes immediately. Most importantly, the status bar iscleaner. On the Google Pixel particularly, it's currently white with a few symbols movingunderneath the tiles, making it less demanding to tap them. The Settings menu has been updated,also. Contrasted with Nougat, there are generally a large portion of the quantity of menu choices.The new Settings screen design may set aside some opportunity to get used to, yet most of thegroupings now bode well. In case you're a devotee of emoticon, you'll like Android Oreo's 50updated emoticons and bolster the whole list of emoticons in the Emoji 5.0 Unicode standard.You'll see them in the console, and in applications that help the most up to date Android APIlevel. Tragically, that means saying farewell to the famous blob emoticon. (Kyle, 2017)
2OPERATING SYSTEMI've never been as inspired with another Android form as I am with Android Oreo. Indeed, eventhe bugs that commonly torment another refresh in the days promptly following its dischargehaven't settled on my trusty Pixel. Not at all like a few, I even figured out how to get past theengineer sneak peaks with scarcely a hiccup, positively an empowering knowledge for the now-open form I've been getting a charge out of these previous couple of days. As we said toward thestart, and like its namesake, Oreo especially endeavors to be the OS for everyone. I can withoutmuch of a stretch perceive how an iPhone client could lift it up and keep running with it, simplyas should be obvious Android fans loving all the new propelled highlights and customizationalternatives. (Kris, 2017)Answer to question 2a. By applying the best fit algorithm the following results can be obtained:Job NumberMemory BlockJob ABlock 3Job BCannot be allocated or alternatively has to befragmented and allocated in memory block 2and Block 3Job CBlock 3Job DBlock 1b.
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