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IntroductionThis section deals with same sources that have used in Academic Writing assignment.This course of work describe the information which is included in references sources. Theanalysis of those reference is made in this second assignment.Summary of ReferencesRothaermel, F., 2012.Strategic management. McGraw-Hill.The information about various strategic tools is gathered from the different sources,among them it is the one source. This book includes the information about various strategicaltools that are used by organization to evaluate competitive postpositions. This source hasprovided me immense knowledge of strategic tool that are used for assessing organizationpositioning and ways to get competitive advantages. The idea about Bowman’s Strategy clock isgathered from this source as it includes the clear information n about the uses of such models. Ithas helped me in understanding about eight stages of Bowman’s Strategy clock as well as itapplication to the corporate scenario.Wright, R. P., Paroutis, S. E. and Blettner, D. P. (2013). How useful are the strategic tools weteach in business schools?.Journal of Management Studies.50(1). 92-125.This source includes the information of different strategic models that are being used forevaluating the positing of companies in competitive market. It includes the information aboutSWOT, PORTER. PESTLE models as well as their uses in corporate world. However, thissources has all such information about use of Bowman’s Strategy clock for the organizations.There were some another models that are explained in this journals in respect with analysing theposition of company. These models and their importance in the business are explained in thisreference sources. The information included in this source was helpful in conducting Bowman’sStrategy clock for the selected organization.Sarraf, Q. and Ellis, G., 2006. Business rules in retail: the Tesco. com story.Business RulesJournal. 7(6).2
This source include the information about Tesco and its related practices in UK market.This sources provides the information about competitors of Tesco as well as their practices. Thisalso includes the information about business rule that are important to conduct business practicesin retail industry. From this source, it has been seen that low prices are the major competitivefactor for Tesco. The information about business practices in Tesco is collected from this sourceof finance., in addition to that this source has provide immense knowledge of internal andexternal environment of retail organization and its related practices. From, this sources thejourney of Tesco is known along with the different practices that the company has achieved inthe time period. The change in marketing practice of company is witnessed in this sources. Theauthors have well described the business practices of Tesco.Ahemd, G. , 2014.Bowman's strategic Model & its eight competitive direction of edge.[Online]. Available at: <>. [Accessed on 30thNovember 2015].This online sources is the base of the present study as it has provided knowledgeregarding to the strategic model namely Bowman's strategic Model. In this online sources, theproper information in regard to theeight competitive direction of edge related toBowman'sstrategic Model are explains that were helpful in creating the concept of entire model. The aimbehind developing of this model is cleared after reading this source. This sources has helpedfrom the starting of the project till end. After studying source, the position were applied toTesco along with their benefits. In this source the meaning of each and every position ofBowman's strategic Model is defined clear that was helpful in completing the project. There arevarious example have been quoted in this sources for explaining the real implementation of theBowman’s Strategy clock.Safón, V., 2007. How to Compete and How to Compete Profitably: A Model of CompetitivePositions and Business Performance.Global Journal of Business Research. 1(1). pp, 47-59.This journal had provided information regarding competitive model i.e. Bowman’sStrategy clock 400 for the increment in profitability mainly in retail industry. With this source Iwas able learn about the approach and importance of the applied model in the study. It is3
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