Operation Management | Case Study Of F&N

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Running head: OPERATION MANAGEMENTOPERATION MANAGEMENTA case study of F&N SingaporeName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
OPERATION MANAGEMENT 1Table of Contents1. Introduction:22. Case study analysis:22.1 Analysis of the processes of OM system of F&N22.2 Analysis of the processes of OM system of F&N:32.3 Analysis of the output of OM system32.4 Analysis of monitor and control system43. Conclusion:54. Recommendations:6References:7
OPERATION MANAGEMENT 21. Introduction:F&N is a beverage company that provides a wide range of products like coconut water,isotonic drink, sparkling water, soya milk, juice and yoghurt. The company is committed towardsproviding huge range of products that would not only satisfy the taste buds of the consumers butprovide some health benefits as well. The aim of the report is to carry out a detailed operationmanagement analysis on the three staged process of the manufacturing of the products of F&N(FNNFOODS.COM 2017). The company sells the number one product of all types and is one ofthe most liked brands in Singapore. It has been able to gather a huge range of consumers and hasbeen doing well in its business. The operation management of the organisation can be regardedas the main success behind this company. 2. Case study analysis: 2.1 Analysis of the processes of OM system of F&NMoneyF&N always believe in providing the best quality product and so the bestquality products are selected for the manufacturing of the food product. So thecost of the products is moderate (Bahmani-Firouzi and Azizipanah-Abarghooee2014). MethodThe products are used for regular consumption and it mainly acts as arefreshment drink. MachineThe machines that are used are based on the different steps of production thatinclude the extraction of the juice and packaging the same (FNNFOODS.COM2017). MaterialsThe materials are all the raw products that are used for preparing juice. ManpowerIn order to maintain high quality in the beverage products, high skilled and welltrained man power is used in the manufacturing of the product (Vrellas and

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