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Running head: DELAY IN PATIENT APPOINTMENT1Delay in patient AppointmentCarlos R. OrtizOperations and Project ManagementWebster University
DELAY IN PATIENT APPOINTMENT2AbstractMaintenance of time for doctors is very important in case of patients. A patient always look to beseen at the right time of their appointment. Realistic booking of appointment is also required forproper follow up of the procedure as it sets up the appointment schedule. For proper checkup, apatient must be given a specific amount time and sufficient space for examination. The totalworkload of booking appointment, maintaining that, checking patients properly is not possiblefor the doctor, therefore requirement of assistances is necessary. Therefore, healthcareorganizations consists other staffs like assistants and receptionists for these kind of tasks. Oftenpatients have been asked to come earlier because of the additional time taken for paperwork andother healthcare measurements like weighing and others. Sometimes it has been seen that due toan emergency case a doctor misuse his or her time delays a schedule. This is a significantproblem in medical treatment and cab be solved by developing a flexible system for adjustmentof emergency cases in the time schedule. Extreme emergency cases like fractures, burnings,caesarian cases and others, a delay or drop of earlier appointments can be explainable but forsmaller emergency cases the doctor needs to maintain his or her schedule as well as possible. Afew opened slots for possible emergency cases can solve this problem of emergency. In casesmall emergencies doctors have the chance to maintain their original schedule but for severecases delay of any appointment is inevitable. Therefore, the patient must be given farecompensation like rescheduling the appointment or wait for a little longer, so the doctor cancome after he or she finishes looking after the emergency cases.
DELAY IN PATIENT APPOINTMENT4IntroductionAppointment delays in medical treatment is a growing problems a now a days. In America thisproblem has grown to an optimum level. Some cases it has been noticed that an appointment hasbeen delayed by near about 50 days. Hospital emergency rooms have worse scenarios regardingthis case than office of a provider but in everywhere patients are suffering from theseappointment delays. Reduce in government funding is seen as a reason for this supply anddemand problem in various healthcare sectors. Provider offices are closing and workload ofhospitals are increasing, not equivalently with their productivity.Waiting time of a patient increases due to some reasons like delay in schedule of providers asthey have to manage the situation by allowing most the patients to be seen to generate maximumpossible revenue. This is the basic target of many provides, which is to generate a good revenuefor the organization without keeping the track of patient satisfaction (Lim et al., 2012). Thissituation develops discontent among the patients and patients tend to find a new provider. Themanagement of scheduled patients with the walk-in-emergency patients is one of the issueswhich causes discontent among the patients. Sometimes patients feel that they are being givenless importance than the patients came with emergencies. Objectives of provider office varies assome select the revenue as their chief goal and some select patient care and satisfaction (Hall,2013). Scheduling individually, block scheduling and improvised block scheduling are the threedifferent mode of scheduling techniques that are used in healthcare system of U.S.A. Schedulingindividually is the technique where an individual patient is registered for certain amount forcheckup. This time limit is deduced on the basis of his or her problem and the time required fortreatment. When a patient is served on the basis of first come first served (Tatham & Murdoch,
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