Operations Management Analysis of ASDA

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INTRODUCTIONOperation management refers to administration of the business related activities todevelop high efficiency level with in company. It is related with converting the labour andmaterials in to the services and products to enhance profit level of firm. It is responsible formanaging production process of services as well as products. It consists planning, organising,coordinating and also controlling all resources which are required to manufacture services andproducts (Balasubramaniam and et. al., 2016). The operation management includes gettingincluded in resources of firm for an instance equipments, technology, staff member etc. Thispresent report is based on ASDA company that was founded in year 1949. It is supermarketretailer and other hand this, ASDA firm provides mobile phone and financial services. In thismention report will be discuss about the situational, contingency and systems leadership by usingthe different scenario. There will be discussion about the different functions of a manager on thebasis of Fayol. Different outside factors which can impact on the operation management ofcompany will also be discuss in given report.TASK 1a) Differences and similarities between a leader and manager considering their roles andcharacteristicsManager and leader are both the employees of an organisation which works to manageother personnel and ensure to provide benefit to the organisation. Asda is a large scale companywhich operates in United Kingdom. In order to build an understanding about both of theseindividuals in a business organisation, similarities and differences between these employees arediscussed below:Similarities between Leader and Manager:Overall objective -Leader and Manager are both included in the staff of an organisation whichhas to function according to the overall organisational objectives (Christopher, 2016). Asda islarge scale retail super market chain which has various members and leaders. Both of theseindividuals has to operate with the aim of achieving organisational aims and objectives.Position- Designation of manager and leader is different, but the position at with theseindividuals work is similar that is at managerial position. Leader as well as manager are the1
superior and has numerous subordinates which work under them. Asda has appointed bothmanager and leader at all there supermarkets in order to ensure proper management and control.Qualifications- Manager and leader has variation in the functions due to which theyrequire to posses different skills but in order to develop those skills, qualifications of both ofthese designations is similar (Cordray and et. al., SCIENCELOGIC Inc, 2015). Qualificationswhich are required to be possessed by manager and leader specially in ASDA is managerialqualifications of business administration.Differences between manager and leader:BasisLeaderManagerDefinitionA leader is an individual whoencourage and motivate itssubordinates to work better andcontribute towards overallorganisational goals.A manager is a person whomanages an organisation andcontrols all the managementfunctions such as staffing,planning, controlling anddirecting.SkillsLeader is an individual who requiresleadership skills so that they can setan example for their subordinates toperform better. Leaders of ASDApossess skills such as motivationskills, controlling skills andmonitoring skills (Evangelopoulosand et. al., 2016)Manager is an employee of anorganisation which requiresmanagerial skills such asproviding direction to employees,controlling them and many more.FocusMain focus of team leader is usuallyon vision of an organisation and it’speople. Leader of ASDA ensuresproper direction towards vision andsatisfaction of employees. Thisindividual focus on developing andinnovating skills of its followers inorder to achieve organisational goals.Focus of manager is restricted toaims and objectives of a companyonly. This individual focuses onmanagerial functions such asdirecting and controlling.FunctioningProcess in which leader operates isManager operates under the2
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