Individual Report on Operations Management

Added on - 26 Mar 2021

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Operations Management: IndividualprojectTheColissimo’s logistics hub of Bordeaux-Bègles1)A detail of the chosen company, product or service.For this individual project I decided to choose the service named Colissimo. Colissimo isa delivery service for individuals, created in 1989, and is part of the French group, LeGroupe La Poste. Colissimo ensures the delivery of packages with a delivery time of 48hours in France, but this delay is not guaranteed by Colissimo. The service also allowsyou to track your package using an identification number. Colissimo also offers the saleof “ready to ship” packaging.We will focus our analysis on a specific case, which is the Colissimo’s logistics hub ofBordeaux-Bègles in France.This hub was created in 1794 and it’s now the oldestsorting center in France. This logistics hub of 14 000m² worked 24 hours 6 days a weekand can handle between 140 000 and 220 000 packages per day. More than 185employees are mobilized to run the center. The aim of this hub is to sort the enteringand outgoing packages. Indeed, the sort center of Bordeaux-Bègles handles everypackage coming from the departments around Bordeaux and destined for the rest ofFrance but also every package coming from France destined to the 8 departmentsaround Bordeaux.In this hub, the operations start with the arrivals of the packages by trucks at theunloading docks. There started the unloading process of the truck's trailer. This can varydepending on the type of trailer: classic trailer orlive bottom trailer. For classic trailers,the packages are packed on pallets or specific iron containers and have to be unloadingmanually. For the live bottom trailers, packaged are stocked loosely and are unloadedautomatically on the sorting line thanks to live bottom trailer. For this process, heavypackages have to be placed below to not damage the other packages during theunloading. This is a video of the unloading of a live bottom trailer in the Colissimo hub,who can help to have a better vision of the process:
For the next step of the operations, the packages enter in the sort line by portal. Thisportal will read the barcode label to extract data about the package such as its weight,its destination, its volume etc. Large packages going to a manual sort line, and whenthey are sorted, the package are stowed depending on their destination to finally bestocked in the shipping area waiting to be packed in a truck. Concerning casualpackages, named “machinable”, are sent to the sorter. It’s important to specify that thelarge majority of packages are “machinable”. Then the sorting process take place with ahuge high flow sorter (291 meters) including 486 rocking trays. Every package is put in arocking tray when it enter in the sorting line, then dumb in a container that correspond ofits destination to finally be loading in a trailer to be shipped to his destination.Defectivepackages are removed manually from the line by the operator and are send inconfection. To have a better visualization of the sorting line operation, this a video offunctioning of the Bègles hub sorting line: explanation of how you selected the above company, product, or service.Firstly, I selected Colissimo because it is part of an important French group, namely LeGroupe La Poste. It was also interesting to me to choose a sorting hub because I hadalready visited a sorting center in the past, not a Colissimo center but a LaPoste center.And even if Colissimo is one of the major actors of the package's delivery, someimprovements are possible, if not necessary. My choice of the specific case of theBordeaux-Bègles is based on the fact that this sorting hub is an old generation centercompared to the new generation of Colissimo center that they are creating since 2016.The Bègles hub is still running well but some improvement of the operationsmanagement is possible to improve the productivity of the hub. And finally, I decided topick this case because I found a really interesting online visit to this location who helpedme to have a concrete idea of the operations.
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