Operations Management of Marks and Spencer - Assignment

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INTRODUCTIONOperations management is define as an area related to the management that will concernwith designingandcontrolling procedure of manufacturingas well asredesigning wholebusinesstransaction along with functionsduring the production of the products and services. It isbeneficial for the company because through it they able to gain various advantages such asmanagement of profitability, gain competitive advancement, lead customers satisfaction andmany more. Organisation selected for this report is Marks and Spencer, it is a public limitedcompany operating in retail industry (Bahn, 2013). It is founded by Michael Marks and ThomasSpencer at 1884. There are numbers of brands working under respective company such as PerUna, Autograph, Limited, Rosie, M7S Collection and so on and they are offering their productsat worldwide level. Headquarter of Marks and Spencer is located at London. Topics included inthis report are difference between roleplayed byleaderas well as manager's function, roleplayed by leader and manager's functions in diversecircumstanceand description of leader andmanager role while operations functions. Along with this it will also include understanding ofrelation among the leadershipas well asmanagement in contemporary businesssituation.TASK 1P1Definition of Leader:Leader refers toan individual thathavehigherposition or power at the workplace andthey also have authority toexercising advanced phaseof control on their team members or staffforensure all work are conductedefficaciously(leader,2019).Role played by Leader of Marks and Spencer:Role ofrespective organisationleader is to motivate their staff so that they get encourageto work effectively accordingly to the set objective.The nest major role of leader at respective company is solve conflict among teammembers so that work conducted appropriately.Characteristics of Leader:There are various characteristic of Marks and Spencer leader which help them inconducting work effectively such as they are honest, good communicator, ability to delegateauthority, positive attitude, intuition, creative and many others.
Definition of Manager:Manager refers to thea personthatgenerallyaccountableor answerable for number offunctions which are conducted at a workplace. Such as staffing, developing strategies,motivating employees and many more for attaining objective effectively. They also developaction plan, according to which staff conduct their work for attaining objective (WHO IS AMANAGER| MEANING| DEFINITION AND CHARACTERISTIC OF MANAGERS INMODERN COMPLEX BUSINESSES,2019).Role of Manager:This isone of the major role of Marks and Spencer manager that they monitor their staffs,environment, market and so on forcreating decision which will based on the situationthrough that company is facing.The nextmajor role played byrespective company manager is to allocate resourcesrelated to human, monetary and physical according to the requirement of project. Theyalso set time frame for conducting project appropriate with proper usage of resources.Characteristics of Manager:There are various characteristic of manager which make them better at workplace. Incontext of respective companymanager have several characteristic which make them effectivesuch as organizing ability, time management, good communicator, reliable, flexible, confident,respect others and many more.Difference between manageras well asleader of Marks and SpencerBasisLeaderManagerTraitsThere are various traits ofMarks and Spencer leader suchas they are positive thinker,energetic, self motivated,professional and so on(Bromiley and Rau, 2016).On the other hand theirmanager's traits are goodcommunicator, team builder,always have clear vision andmany others.Roles and responsibilitiesThe main role andresponsibility of leader atMarks and Spencer is that theytrain and direct their staff soManager's role andresponsibility at respectivefirm is they plan all theactivities, polices and plans.
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