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Motivational LetterMobile: +8801713450832E-mail:arif332@gmail.comDate: XX Feb 2018The SecretaryAdmissions officeUniversity of Augsburg GermanySubject:Motivation Letter for MSc in Software Engineering, University of Augsburg GermanyDear Madam or Sir,With this letter, I am applying for thegraduate programme for Masters in science inSoftware Engineering. I always had interest in designing, developing, testing of the software andthe systems. However, I want to see myself with much knowledge as I can have in the field ofcomputers. I like being around computers the whole day.Considering this programme is taught in our country Bangladesh, but I would take up mystudies in Germany because according to my research I have seen that German universities andcentres work more closely with the companies and industries on various exciting researchprojects. Also, German is considered as the place where sort of technology innovation emerges.This feature will give me the chance to see the operations of the reputed companies closely.I started my professional career as a “Network Engineer” with Global Online ServicesLtd, an Internet Service provider company in Bangladesh. Currently, I am working with EricssonLibya to provide support for charging system and CBiO solutions since December 2013. Beforethat, I worked with Huawei Oman for 15 months of operation and maintenance. I have also
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