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OPM300 Introduction to Operations Management SLP 1.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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OPM300 Introduction to Operations Management SLP 1Order #17011737017936Complete the first round of a three-round Delphi decision-makingexercise.Before reading further, please be sure you’ve read the discussionabout the Delphi process on this Module’s Homepage.It includesinformation that is not repeated here.Topic:For the sake of simplicity, choose a future outcome that can be expressedas a single-number probability, or likelihood.Examples includeThe likelihood that X will be elected (to some office) in 20##.The likelihood that Y will win the Super Bowl / World Series / NBAChampionship in 20##.The percentage of feature films that will consist entirely of computer-generated imagery by the year 20##.The topic should be something that both you and your exercise participantscare about, and also know something about (although you need not beexperts).Participants:You will be the coordinator.Select three other persons as participants.Their cooperation will be important, so be sure to choose people you cancount on.These can be either family members, close friends, or otherstudents (although not students enrolled inthiscourse.They’ll be busycoordinating their own Delphi exercises.)SLP Assignment ExpectationsAs closely as possible, the SLP should follow the detailed example, whichis cited in the Home Page discussion.You may copy and / or adaptverbiage from the example without citing it.(This special dispensation isintended to help move things along.)The SLP writeup should includeThe Letters to the Participants, explaining the project and requesting theirassistance.
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