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Study - Connection among Database

Added on -2019-10-01

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RP1Controlling the motions of the characters is a key issue for the developers. Abstract of the currentresearch indicates that the researchers focused on developing a controllable and realistic motion.As evident from the abstract, the researchers in the study focused on developing a directed graphautomatically that establishes connections among the database. Discussion of the results alsoindicates that the researchers have developed a database of motion capture which connectsdifferent parts of motion. The framework also enables the users to search through the graph andfind out the necessary motion. However, the discussion section clearly indicates that the studylacks incorporation of motion fidelity. The study also lacks incorporation of parameterizablemotions. Therefore, the current research fails to provide a complete approach to gain bettercontrol over the motions of game characters.1. Abstract—What about the general applicability of the approach identified by the users here?2. Introduction-- Is the approach of motion capture developed by the researchers addresses theissues related to time consumption and expensiveness of existing techniques?3. Related work-- What are the gaps in related works?4. Motion Graph Construction- Why the clip-based database is chosen? 5. Extracting Motion—What were the difficulties for extracting motion?6. Path Synthesis--Was the motion graph practically applied for crowd generation?7.Duscussion—What was the difficulty to incorporate parameterizable motions.?

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