Opportunity Discovery Creativity And Design Assignment

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Running head: OPPORTUNITY CREATIVITY DISCOVERY AND DESIGNOpportunity creativity discovery and designName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1OPPORTUNITY CREATIVITY DISCOVERY AND DESIGNPart 1Answer 1The design thinking industry has been extended beyond the common practice ofincluding the design for and of hospitals, healthcare, government policies and organizations.The tools, theories and methods applied in this unit are relevant to the case study. Recenttrends of utilizing the approach of design thinking are a crucial shift towards design for thecomplex projects as well as their environments. It is an approach of problem solvingfundamental to the design practice, which emphasizes on the user, collaborative methods andvisuals through an iterative, multidisciplinary and adaptive process. Recent design thinkingdraws examples from the highly complex and large scale practices of the organization. Onecould preserve the design thinking approach for a new context (Oppezzo and Schwartz 2014).Answer 2The principles of design are the objectives and overarching philosophies which areoutlined as building a distributed understanding of the intent, taking the approach which isuser centered, making an emerging design which is visible early, working collaboratively interms of interdisciplinary, creating a logical blueprint for any changes and following aflexible yet disciplined process. The application of the methods, tools and theories is done tosolve the highly complex situations. Organizations have adopted innovative methods ofimplementing the methods wherever accessible. Practitioners and scholars have turner to thedesign thinking for an innovative advantage, in this competitive environment of policy designand public service. The methodology of design thinking is rigid; however, with certaininnovative measures it can be adaptive as well as fluid (Amadeu 2012).
2OPPORTUNITY CREATIVITY DISCOVERY AND DESIGNAnswer 3The most crucial point of the creative decision analysis and making an innovativedecision is achieving the desired outcome. The decision making quality can be only evaluatedin the situation, when the ideas are creative and innovative. Firstly, the design developmentstages, blueprinting, intent and emphasizing on the idealistic and intangible design goals,which affects the outcome. Secondly, the facilitators of design take a passive role for gettingthe desired results. Thirdly, the design thinking emphasizes on the collaboration, which inturn encourages the co responsibility on the outcome of the design. The design thinkingapproach is not only gained as designers, rather it can be enabled through multidisciplinarycollaboration via design methodology. Therefore, the design thinking helps in providing moreinnovative and modern solutions (Budge, Beale and Lynas 2013).Answer 4Design thinking is successful in the complex environments only if it is successfullyimplemented outside the system. The design systems, services and products must beintegrated within the organizational tax system which exists. Effective implementation of theorganizational design system relies on the integration. Strategic and systematic thinkingrequires full alignment with the design thinking, to gain a clear understanding of how toimplement the design outcomes, in the existing organizational systems. Designing at thecomplexity levels is not only about handling the problems but also using an approach ofunique and creative designing. Integration is regarding compromise and negotiation as itinvolves swapping between the competitive requirements of user’s experience andmaintaining a consistency with recent revenue system (Burleson and Tripathi 2013).Answer 5They could be applied in moving beyond the case as designs are being evaluatedbefore implementation. They are examined as well based on the meeting of original intent.
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