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STRATEGIESOrganisation outcome – This involve about working inpartnership with different organisation which helps to savetime and provide immediate medication to a personsuffering from critical situation. It involves the conditionwhen a specific type of medication is not available inparticular healthcare organisation then they can referpatient to other hospital which are working as theirpartners.There are different types of strategies which are requiredto boost up outcomes of partnership working in health andsocial care. It involves to ensure optimum utilisation ofresources through proper management by allocating themas per their field of expertise to achieve better results.However, it involves to establish effective coordination aswell as cooperation among team members and otherprofessional to complete procedure of specific medicationproperly to make patient healthy. In addition to this, it isnecessary for healthcare organisations to lay down clearstrategies, procedures, policies, related protocols andsharing information, ideas, knowledge & skills amongpeople so that their partnership outcomes can be improvedin appropriate way.Partnership working in health care organisations is very effectiveapproach if it will be executed in appropriate manner which facilitateto achieve desired outcomes accordingly. It is necessary to establishbetter coordination among partners of healthcare because it isimportant to perform specific procedure in proper manner throughattaining required outcomes. However, there are various kinds ofproblems occurred at the time of working in partnership and severalbarriers are analysed while perform together as partners in healthcaresector. In addition to this, several potential barriers are evaluated whichimpacts negatively to partnership working in health and social care.Some of them are explained further –Miss- communication between team and otherprofessionals –The communication is very important because everyinformation about particular patient should be conveyed to everymedical professional associated with specific case. It is analysed thatthere is amiss communication among team members and otherprofessionals which create problem to conduct appropriate treatmentprocedure of an individual and results into inaccurate outcomesaccordingly.Duplication of work– The duplication of work impactsnegatively on outcomes of partnership working because similarprocedures are carried out by different medical professionals which iswaste of time, cost and resources. However, duplication of medicalrecords may effect medication of a patient because if two individualsare suffering from same disease then it is not necessary that theirsymptoms are exactly similar. Moreover, it may impact negatively onhealth condition of a person which requires other medicines forremoving side effects of previous treatment.Lack of empowerment and autonomy– This involves thecriteria of providing authority to an individual who instruct whole teamin single direction to gain desired outcomes of specific medication.However, autonomy involves that proper information should beproviding to patient so that they can select to have medication as pertheir own convenience and affordability. In given case, there is a lackof empowerment and autonomy which is important for working inpartnership make patient disease free.POTENTIAL BARRIERSHealth care sector is very important in society as it provide helpto solve various critical diseases of people along with providinginformation about effective precautions as well. It involvesdifferent kinds of medical professionals remain involved inspecific medication or treatment procedure in order to makepatient wellbeing. Partnership working for users of services,professionals and organisations facilitate to gain betteroutcomes successfully. However, there are different kinds ofsevere disease which are diagnosed in present scenario andconduction effective treating procedure that include severalcomplexities. Moreover, the partnerships of different medicalprofessionals, like nurse, surgical specialist, Anaesthesiologist,Physician assistant and Medical device company representativeso that complications can be controlled and make patientdisease free in appropriate way.Service user outcomes– The partnership working is helpful toconduct any short and long procedure of medication as a teamof expert is included so that they are capable to deal withpossible problems in proper manner. Meanwhile, medicalprofessional can perform partnership working with relatives orfamily members of patient which is mostly beneficial in case ofmental patients. It involves that in surgical processcomplication of anaesthesia can be controlled Anaesthesiologistand other problems are sort out by specialist of surgery whichalong with analysing required medical information aboutpatient through nurse present at the time of operationaccordingly.Professional outcome– In context of professionals,partnership working facilitate them to analyse deeperknowledge about other fields which can be learned from otherteam members. For example, they can gain criteria of reducingcomplications of anaesthesia by thoroughly observing stepstaken by Anaesthesiologist which helps surgeon to take theseprecautions or actions in next surgical process in order to avoidcomplications respectively. At the other hand, observedknowledge can impact negatively if it will have applied indifferent medication or kind of anaesthesia so that it may resultsinto wrong outcomes from efforts of medical professionals.OUTCOMES OF PARTNERSHIP WORKINGWORKING IN PARTNERSHIP IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE
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