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Organisation behaviour can be defined asperception of employees and identifying the
way how people react on particular matter(Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl and Maude, 2017).Present
study is based on Waitrose company which is the British supermarket firm. Currently firm has
353 retail outlets throughout the United Kingdom.
Report will include impact of organisational culture and power and politics in the
organisation. This report is also based on content and process theory of motivation and about
effective team, how they work together to achieve a goal. It also includes the concept and
philosophies of organisational behaviour within organisation.
LO 1
P 1 Impact of organisation culture, power and politics on individual and team behaviour and
Organisation culture
It is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs which govern how people behave
in organisation. These shared value have strong influence on the people in the organisation and
dictate how they dress, act and perform their jobs.
Handy’s culture model is explained as below:
PowerCulture:It is the type of culture in which companies give power to particular person.
Subordinates are not given any power thus; lower level employees are bound to follow
instruction of higher authorities. (Brenyah and Tetteh, 2016). This type of culture sometimes
create demotivation among workers and all the staff members do not like such kind of
atmosphere because they have to work under huge pressure.
Task Culture:This is another type of culture in whichOrganisation give different task to its
employees on the bases of their skills and abilities. They all perform their duties that support
business in raising productivity of company..Each members is well aware with their role and
take decision by own. Thus, this enhances self-motivated skill among them.
PersonCultureIt is another type of culture in which workers have to handle their work by own,
they thing they are highly talented and they do not need any kind of instruction (Elsmore, 2017).
It sometimes create confusion because poor supervision sometimes affect working environment
and create confusion at workplace.
Role CultureEach work has assigned different role as per their specialisation and qualification.
This type of culture is follows by Waitrose that helps the firm in motivating people and making
them more responsible towards the work.This is most suitable organisational culture that helps
the company in motivating workers and raising their satisfaction towards the brand(Charles
Handy Model of Organization Culture,2019)
Impact of Organisation Culture the Team and Individual of an Organisation
Present study is based on Waitrose company. Waitrose is a supermarket UK based
company, thisWaitrose plc company follow Role Culture in their organisation, where each and
every employees hyave different tasks and responsibilities to perform according to their intrest
and experience.(Hu and Liden, 2015). For the employees of the Waitrose company,This culture
provide the opportunity in the organisation to grow more in their prespective intrest. Employees
have the chance to promote and get reward as they are in the specialist field.Because of
Waitrose' company culture, employees are usually not overburdened by work in the organisation,
this influence the work life of individual and team and it becomes easy for them to balance work
and life effectively.As the Waitrose plc has strong supermarket chain company where power
and responsibilities are differences, thereby there are open sharing of thoughts and views can be
done easily(Brenyah and Tetteh, 2016)
Impact of Politics and Power
Power is defined as the ability to get someone to do something you want to done or the
ability to make things happen in the way you want.
If Waitrose plc management use their power in negative manner to demote, transfer or
deny raises to their employee it may create conflicts or grievances among individual and between
team members. This will influence the attitude and willingness to do work as the individual and
in the different groups (Ismail and Daud, 2016).
Politics is an important function that results from differences in the self interests of
individual and in the team. Because of politics in the Waitrose workplace, it may develop,
different views between two or more groups which can result in splitting a workplace into
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