Organisational Behaviour Article Critique

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RUNNING HEAD: Organisational BehaviourOrganisational BehaviourArticle Critique- The Effect of the Motivation Techniques Used byManagers to Increase the Productivity of their Workers and anApplication
Organisational Behaviour1Article CritiqueMotivation is an important aspect which can be explained as an act of an individual used forthe purpose of getting the task performed by giving a reason to the others. Motivation helpsin encouraging the others for getting the tasks done. Motivational techniques are being usedby the managers of the businesses for enhancing the productivity of the workers.Motivational techniques create an impact on the potential or capabilities of the individual.There are various aspects present in the business environment which affects the attitude orperformance of the workers. For maintaining a positive attitude and enhancing theperformance of the workers, motivational techniques need to be applied. Organisations gainvarious advantages which can be utilised in an effective manner with the support of theinternal resources of the business.Efficiency is considered an important aspect which has the potential to create an impact onthe performance of the business. Efficiency enhances the capability of the business to grabthe opportunities available to the business. Efficiency results in grabbing the opportunitieswith the available resources and making best possible use of the available resources. Anorganisation can obtain efficiency by utilising the available resources for the attainment ofthe objectives or target (Ajayi, 2015). There are various factors which are creating an impacton the efficiency level of the organisation. One of the most important factors is employees assupport of the employees is required by the business for performing the operations of thebusiness in an effective and efficient manner. Other factors which affect the efficiency of thebusiness include structure and system of the organisation, availability of machines,equipment and factory, technology, approaches used by the management, business practicesand energy (Guclu & Guney, 2017).
Organisational Behaviour2Performance management system can be used by the businesses for the purpose ofmaintaining the level of efficiency. Enhancement of the skills and knowledge of theemployee results in an enhancement in the performance of the individual as well as business.Support is needed by the employees for conducting the operations of the business in aneffective manner (Cetin, 2013). Different methods can be used by the business for thepurpose of enhancing the contribution of the employees. These methods include businessenlargement, job enrichment, work study, value analysis method, job simplification, forcefield analysis method and brainstorming. All these methods can be used by the organisationsfor shifting the focus on the performance of the employees and organisation (Zameer, et. al.,2014).Low efficiency of the employees and business can affect the performance of the business atlarge. Every organisation needs to cope with this issue for attaining the targets. There arevarious reasons responsible for the purpose of low efficiency in the organisation. Thesereasons include low motivation, unsafe and unhealthy environment in the workplace,conflicts among the employees, low payment and employee-job inconsistency (Nadeem,, 2014). All these factors affect the satisfaction level of the employees which results in adecrease in the efficiency level and their performance. Lack of motivation affects the attitudeand behaviour of the employees towards the organisation. It gives rise to the negativeenvironment at the workplace of the organisation. Lack of motivation is one of the mostimportant reasons for the decreasing productivity of the individual and organisation (Guclu &Guney, 2017).Lack of motivation can affect the organisation at large. Level of efficiency and productivityof the employees is based on the motivation level. The absence of motivation can result in adecrease in the level of efficiency of the employees as well as poor performance. This canaffect the productivity and operations of the business. It can result in an increase in the
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