Organisational Behaviour.

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2Table of ContentsIntroduction3Diversity3Leadership4Motivation5Personality5Conclusion7References8
3IntroductionThis report discusses the components of organisational behaviour that influence thefunctioning of the UNITED trading company. Organisational behaviour is deemed a veryimportant part of behavioural sciences, and its influence on the functioning of organisationslike UNITED is quite significant. Thus, the report discusses the components of organisationalbehaviour, their specific characteristics, the kind of advantages and disadvantages theyprovide and how they help in the functioning of the organisation. This report also helpsdevelop a detailed understanding of organisational behaviour components, which can be laterapplied in real-life situations.THE United Trading Company Limited has been primarilyengaged in the trading industry for the past 97 years, and the company's activities have nowbeen terminated.DiversityAs per opinionated by (2021), this component of UNITED trading's organisational behaviourgenerally refers to various experiences and perspectives resulting from differences incharacteristics like race, culture, respectively. It is also more of a group characteristic than anindividual characteristic, which makes it very useful for a people-based trading company likeUNITED. Diversity is broadly characterised into two types: surface-level diversity (gender,age, respectively.) and deep-level diversity (values, personality, respectively.). Severalstudies have shown that these factors affect the performance, success, respectively., of theorganisation either directly or indirectly (Mousa, Massoud & Ayoubi, 2020). The advantagesthat this component of organisational behaviour brings are as follows:
4Diverse Experience: It has been seen that the UNITED organisation has workers fromdifferent backgrounds, the experiences and perspectives are significantly increased,which helps in the development of the company.Learning and Growth: As the diversity component brings in many experiences, thisalso helps the UNITED organisation's employees learn better skills from their co-workers' experiences.Also helps the company to improve the corporate culture as well as the customer-client relationship.Builds a competitive advantage for the organisation.The disadvantages of the diversity component of organisational behaviour have the followingdisadvantages:Leads to conflicts between people from various backgrounds.As diversity brings in many viewpoints and experiences, the organisation's decision-making processes take longer than usual, thus hindering its functioning (Ohunakin etal., 2019).There can be many employees in the organisation who would not be comfortableworking with co-workers of different backgrounds, which will, in turn, slow down theproductivity of the organisation.Employees from various backgrounds will have varying opinions, which could, inturn, affect the unity among the employees of the organisation.LeadershipThis component of organisational behaviour in UNITED company is generally defined as themanagement of the organisation in making relevant and effective decisions and motivatingthe organisation's employees(Karatepe, Ozturk & Kim, 2019).The company utilises
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