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Assessment 4: Essay 15th Sept 2017Despite all the changes in the business environment, is the Organisation Man relevant in today’sorganisations?” Discuss.It can be said that the rapid change in organizational structure as well as grooming is changingimminently and in a way that we never anticipated some decades ago, hence affecting the structureof an organization and the organisational behaviour either internally or externally. This setphenomena of the way one need to wear in and during working time in a specific organization hasbeen viewed and described in different ways by different organization depending on what theorganization deals with in terms of performing its responsibilities and duties to make itself meet thetargets and achieve the goals set. Also, it can be said that in developed institutions or organisationsespecially in this developed nations organisational structure has been influenced in so many ways asmany employees who work in this organisations unlike in Organisation Man the conformity, loyaltyand obedience has been found and seen to be less or even to no existence at all. The change ofculture in the today’s organisation starting with the way we wear, the outsourcing ways, the jobhopping and casualization of the job that we perform will remain to be a big problem in the 21stcentury and will continue to rise until an action is put in to consideration[ CITATION Joh12 \l 7177 ].This essay will therefore discuss some of the reason to as why the Organisation man will be relevantin today’s organisations.The reasons to as why many organisations are not conforming, i.e. in terms of being focused onresults and oriented on the objectives could be said to be lack of understanding the contemporarytheories and the concept of organisational behaviour at work place.[ CITATION CYa13 \l 7177 ]statesthat the phenomena of not conforming according to the organisational contemporary theories suchas the classical organizational theory, Neoclassical organization theory which has been as a result ofimprovement in education levels by the employees which is caused as a result of classical theoryfailure and lastly is the modern organization theory which in phenomena was to bring lots of neweconomics and which are influenced deeply by the environments surrounding theorganisation[ CITATION ALD07 \l 7177 ].However, it could be stated that with the lack ofunderstanding the contemporary theories in an organisation the concepts of organisationalbehaviour such as the building the relationship, the benefits of setting goals, style of management,managing workforce that is diverse and many others has also not been understand and this has ledto today’s organisation fail as they are not results focused and objective oriented, hence this makesthe Organization Man relevant in Today’s organisation[ CITATION Kok16 \l 7177 ].There are several ways that today’s organisation could try to attempt for them to conform tofocusing on results and being oriented on the objectives. Firstly, perhaps will be to change thehuman behaviours at the workplace, as in Organization man the behaviour of the employees in theworkplace is something that is driven by the objectives and focusing on the results that contrast withthe todays most organisations as the employees are not driven by results neither objectives orientedbut they are driven by the salary, interest or wage they earn either weekly, monthly or in contractform. Further, to elaborate on Today’s organisation, when it comes to team work they have tried abit of working as a team but not like in the way it used to be in Organization Man. Team work intoday’s organization is important in a manner that it will help in solving problems together, goodcommunication will be developed, cohesion will be established, they get to learn from each otherand this will eliminate the problems in today’s organizations and make the workplaces to be focusedwith the output and ready to meet the targets[ CITATION Aar17 \l 7177 ].Student name: StudentID1
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