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INTRODUCTIONOrganisational Behaviour is the study of conduct of humans in respect to the businessentity (Kitchin,2017). Report will cover the functioning of A David & company limited. TheBusiness offers fresh fruit, vegetables and bakery items and delivered on a daily basis to hotels,restaurants, contract caterers, schools, nursing homes, and government contracts. This projectreport will emphasis on how an organisation’s culture, politics and power influence individualand team behaviour and performance and also content and process theory of motivation,concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour. Effective and ineffective team of anorganisation will be highlighted in the report.
TASK 1P1 Organisation’s culture, politics and power influence individual and team behaviour andperformance.Impact OF CULTURE (Handy's Model)Power CultureIn this type of culture, the power is being held by only few individuals. The individualsin power can make positive and negative use of them. This can be help in quick decision-making, but with the absence of individual contribution in decision making employees cannotget motivated. A David & Co. doesn't follow Power Culture because in this Culture, individualperformance as well as team behaviour both decreases and resultant organisational goal will notachieve.Role CultureRole culture clearly defines the roles and responsibilities performed by each individual inan organization. The selected organization follows the role culture. A David's Employees feelsmotivated by the roles and responsibilities they contributed for the company and they performbest to achieve organisational goal. A David & Co. has tall organisational structures with a longchain of command because it produces and distributes food & beverages. That is why decision-making in A David & Co. is slow as compared to others and it influences organisationalbehaviour due to long chain of supply and production.Task CultureTask culture in an organisation appears when teams in the company are formed to addressspecific problems or progress projects. This type of culture is followed by organization to findout different solutions to specific problems. It can support the firm in overcoming the problems.The task is important thing, so power within the team will shift depending on the mix of theteam members and the status of the problem or project. A David & co. doesn't perform any tasksfor which they have to make teams or undertakes any projects. Individuals working in team getmotivated by getting attention for selecting them in specialized task this improves team as wellas individual behaviour.Person Culture

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