Assignment on Organisational Changes and Technological Advancement

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Running head: ORGANISATIONAL CHANGESOrganisational Changes and Technological AdvancementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1ORGANISATIONAL CHANGESAn organisational operating environment change that affects customer services:Change in the technological factors is an environmental change, which affects theareas of customer services. The organisations today use technology to provide services totheir customers round the clock. The customers today can obtain information about productsfrom the official websites and the customer care department. Advancements in technologyhave it possible for the companies to make their products available to customers all round theworld on the e-commerce portals, which provides the customers with information about theproducts like their features, attributes, benefits and prices. Thus, services providingcompanies like telecommunication services and the banks use advanced fund transfertechnology to allow customers to make online payments and purchase service products likedata packs and investment products respectively. The customers today are able to performtransactions like transferring funds and making online purchases without having to go to theretail outlets physically. These advancements in technology has made it important for thecompanies to advancement their customer service techniques. The staff members in thesecompanies are also required to be technologically sound. For example, the customer care ofthe multinational retail chains is required to have the knowledge of receiving online ordersand process them (Galliers and Leidner 2014.).Customer services are not limited to companies offering products online and clearingcustomer doubt over the telephone. The companies today emphasis on maintaining consistentcommunication with their customers and keep them informed about their business strategiesas forms of customer services. The companies today exchange information with theircustomers over social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This discussion shows thatadvancement of technology has brought about tremendous change in the method of providingservices to customers. The companies today emphasis on using modern technology to cater to
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