Organisations and Behaviour (study)

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Organisations andBehaviour
INTRODUCTIONThe organisation Behaviour is a detailed study about the people in the organisation.It consist thebehaviour of an individual as well as group. It focuses n the people nature and characteristics within the groups howthey interact with each other. The main purpose behind the study of the organisational behaviour is to identify thescientific approach that can be applied in the management for the workers. They are more applicable in humanresource field which helps in maximising the group efforts and helps in the increment in the outcomes levels of anindividual. The city college is a private college established n the northwest London and covers a huge amount of staff
members for their work performance (Wickramasinghe and Perera, 2014). They focus on several departments likedepartment of human resource, teaching departments and the administration department. They college providesseveral learning opportunities to their students in the different educational fields. The enterprise rent a car is anenterprise dealing with cars consist a staff of more than 7500 people they had a great expansion in their business andalso know by the largest car purchaser company in the world. The report consists the detailed information of thevarious leadership styles and the motivational theories for reaching certain motivation level of employees. The teambuilding in the organisation and its importance in the work performance are also highlighted.TASK11.1Compare and contrast different organisational structures and cultureAn organistaion structure is a blueprint of the organisation that how the work is going to be performed and thebehaviour against the employees in the organisation. There are different types of organisational structure present inthe organisation. They areProduct based- It consist the organisation which are based on the product basisFunction based-These are such type of organisation who are divided on the functional department basisGeographical based-There structure is divided on the basis of the geographical level where they are located.Multifunctional based- The combination of the product and functional structure knows as multi based. As itperform various actions.The comparison in the organisation structure in the city college and the enterprise rent a car leads to consist variousdifferences in their culture and the organisation structure. The city college has a flat structure the decision level isquick whereas the rent a car enterprise is having a bureaucratic structure which takes a lots of time in the decisionmaking. The hierarchy level is small and the communication is effectively occurs in City College and in the carenterprise is large in size as they have a great expansion of their business in several regions and the communicationpasses through certain levels (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2012.). The city college’s structure is flexiblein nature whereas the enterprise car a rent organisation structures are more rigid and complex in nature.1.2Explain how the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture can impact on the performance of abusinessThere is a close relationship between the organisation structure and the organisation culture both influenceseach other significantly and also effects on the performance of the organisation. The organisational culture includesthe values offers y the managers in the organisation. The components of the organisation culture include the beliefs,values, languages. Organisation culture also defines the dress code, working hours and the client satisfaction.Organisation structure includes the work performance, the strong relationship between the supervisor and theirsubordinates which affects the organisation environment. They detailed about the hierarchy level and the reporting
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