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Importance of achieving congruencebetween an organisation's strategy,structure and HRM practices
Human resource management is essential for each and every sort of organisation as thiswill help them into their growth and development in an effective manner. By managing them,company will attain their coveted targets and objectives within limited period of time. Toimprove work effectiveness of staff members; manager will provide training to them. Presentassignment is based on Tesco which is a supermarket chain and providing their services intovarious nation. They have more than 50000 workers who are recently working with them. It isessential for superior to set some strategy for their business as it works as a guidelines foremployees. They will follow them to complete their task in an effective and efficient manner.Association is following hierarchical structure; so that, duties and responsibilities will be dividedto each person appropriately and firm will run their operations in a smooth way. Apart from, this,there are many HRM practices are following by company to improve skills and knowledge ofstaff members. This will aid them to enhance their profits and along with market shareadequately.According toAnderson (2013)it is fundamental for an association to formulate theirmission, vision, goals, objectives, core competencies and many more. As it is considered as aguidelines which need to be follow by manager to attain desired targets within limited period oftime. Tesco wants to acquire long term success and growth. Therefore, it is required for them toaccept modifications into their business. They need to adopt new and unique methodologies intotheir business which aid them to attract more clients towards their products and services. It isessential for manager to formulate effective and efficient strategies for business as this will helpthem to compete their competitors at competitive place.Vision of Tesco is to provide best quality goods and services to customers as this willhelp them to gain their trust as well as loyalty. As indicated byAswathappa (2013)companywants to operate their business in across the world. If they run their organisation in distinctivenations then, there are lots of opportunities which will be taken by them. Enterprise wants toutilize new and unique inventive thoughts into their firm; thus, they will capture attention ofnumerous individuals. As a result, they can improve their profits and along with market share inan effective and efficient way. As stated byBarney and et. al. (2011)to improve quality of goodsand services, manager will provide training to their workers. It will reduce unwanted cost andwastage, which will enhance revenues.1
Mission of Tesco is to produce qualitative items for people to accomplish their needs andwants. This will aid them to take benefits from their competitors at competitive world. For abovestated purpose, they need to set up more functional areas within firm. Therefore, entire targetsand objectives will be achieved within limited period of time.According toBatt and Colvin (2011)mission statement of company will define goalswhich need to be accomplished by company. Vision of enterprise must be adequate as this willprovide motivation to workers and in addition inspire stakeholders. If it is formulated effectuallythen, organisation will satisfy needs and wants of clients in a proper manner. Apart from this, itis needed for superior to evaluate and control working execution of staff members. For abovestated aim, they will utilize key performance indicators.Fundamental aim of Tesco is to be a Zero carbon business by 2050. strategies which areformulated by manager is much effective; so that, employees know about their roles andresponsibilities which need to be accomplished by them. Along with this, their purpose is toenhance client loyalty and trust. As indicated byBrewster and et. al. (2016)to provide bestservices and in addition products to buyers, they improve their current items on regular basis.Additionally, they launch new goods for people, which aid them to gain attention of numerousindividuals. Manager will conduct research to know about needs and wants of people; thus, theywill fulfil it within limited time span.To achieve competitive advantage it is must for Tesco to set some values for theirbusiness. They treat each and every person similarly without any kind of discrimination. Thiswill caters them growth and success which is needed to survive at marketplace for longer periodof time. According toChoi and Ruona (2011)they fulfil overall CSR activities in an appropriateway which assist them to increase their market share and profits. It is must for them to reducewastage; therefore, they can protect environment from harm.Strategy is like a plan of business which assist employer to attain coveted targetseffectually. It is necessary for them to use resources in an appropriate manner. Enterprise wantsto create their brand value at international level. As they are providing their items as well asservices at global market which aid them to enhance their market share. It is must for firm toprepare some strategies for business; thus, they will complete their work in a systematic manner.Tesco is a British Multinational retail company which dealing in grocery and generalmerchandise. It is third largest profit generating company and also operate their stores in various2
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