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Organisational planning is a process, which helps to manage overall activities of anenterprise. It is an effective tool as it provides the sense of direction and determines the missionand vision. It is a function that works to develop an organisational structure, which allocatesHuman Resource to ensure about accomplishment of determined goals and objectives. It is anactivity, which works to define and group people and maintain effective relationship betweenpeople, work and resources (Brinckmann, Grichnik and Kapsa, 2010).The present report is based on business activities of Facebook and Amazon. These bothdeal in online functioning. Facebook works to connect with friends, facilities and other peoplethrough the world, Amazon works to deal with online website and it has range of products;customer visit this website and purchase the products as per their demands.In addition to this, present report will consider things to determine the impact of organisationalculture, leadership, structure, motivation, job design and power and politics.Facebook is the social networking website services, which connect people at global level.In this, it can be said that Amazon is one of the leading shopping website in the world, whichprovide goods and services to their customers. Both companies are online server providers andwork through internet (Chapin, 2012). Facebook has introduced new feature where retail can selltheir products on their site for free of cost. Whereas, Amazon company takes charge from thereretail company on every sell of their product. Both companies are the best in their own fields andto face huge competition in the market. They have become giants in their market; Amazon is anonline retail and as the best cloud computing.On the other hand, Facebook is the best digital advertising on social media. Shoppingwebsite has expanded to great extend and now from this website, people can buy anything onAmazon marketplaces. On the other hand, Facebook is growing at significant rate over the scale.Also, has more level to overcome.Both companies have different organisational structures; Facebook follows hierarchicaland divisional organisational structure. Therefore, it can be described as hybrid and combinescertain elements of both the structures. Whereas, on the other hand, Amazon uses onlyhierarchical structure; for example, senior management team includes two CEOs, three senior1
vice presidents and one worldwide controller. Facebook maintains corporate teams on the basesof their functional activities and operational activities. Also, adapts policies to involvinginformation technology and internet (Christofakis and Papadaskalopoulos, 2011). Amazonmarket structure is different from that of Facebook; they adapt business functions bases fordetermining interaction among components of the organisation. They focus on global functionand global division.They make changes in their structure according to the changing conditions of theorganisation and changing in the trends. Facebook followers’ transformational leadership styleand Mark Zuckerberg is known as encouraging as well as aggressive leader. He uses all mainstyles of leadership (autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire).Whereas Amazon has differentleadership style and is known for their unique styles. Jeff Bezos is known for working differentlyand in unique way (Desai, 2013). They mainly use democratic, authoritative and alsotransactional style of leadership. Both the companies are very popular and are known by theirbrand name. They are both leading companies of the world today and are considered among thebest companies. Both organisations have competitive advantages over other competitors in themarket. Facebook and Amazon are two big brands in the marketplace. Therefore, has to facemore competition. In such organisations, people are friendlier with their employees and treatthem well. There easily adopts culture of different counties and are very flexible. Employees inthat organisation try to give best and perform at their best.In this, Facebook’s organisational structure is having the variation of traditionalorganisational structure. An enterprise constitution is helpful to provide specific directions. Hereit can be stated that Facebook is following matrix organisational structure. In addition to this, keycharacteristics of an enterprise include organisational creativity and innovation. Facebook’sorganisational structure has been divided into three main components as corporate functionalbased theme, geographial division and product based division (Durand and 2011).Thus, Facebook works to manage operational activities throughout the organisationalstructure. Thus, geographical location will be used in order to determine the division of light interms to find out the differences between social advertising and online advertisement. Theproduct based division put their consideration over products as are Instagram, messenger andwhatsApp etc. In this way, it can be said that structure of Facebook can be defined as hybrid andit combines with certain elements of hierarchical and divisional organisational structure. It can be2
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