Report on Organizational Analysis of Apple Inc

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSISOrganizational Analysis of Apple IncName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSISEvaluation of the terms Leadership and Management and their application in Apple Inc.Leadership refers to the action of leading the employees of an organization towardsachieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Leaders motivate the team membersthrough the work process and boosts up their morale to accomplish the goals. Management refersto the process of planning, organizing, controlling and leading the resources within an enterprisewith the aim of achieving the objectives. It also includes the decision making and problemsolving skills for effective functioning1.The three basic differences between leadership and management are that a leaderinnovates or invents and a manager organizes, a leader inspires people and a manager controlspeople, and a leader relies on ‘what’ and ‘why’, while a manager relies on ‘how’ and ‘when’.Leadership skills require more judgment skills, while management requires more organizationalskills.Apple Inc. shows a good example of leadership and management. The founder andformer CEO, Steve Jobs, emerged as one of the most successful leaders of the world. He wasable to inspire people to perform their best and produce one of the most high quality products.The management of apple was quite simple, without much hierarchical levels. Jobs preferred tohire and keep the right people at the right position and also paid them worth of their skills.Hence, the way of organizing and controlling the resources is much simpler in Apple even afterJobs’s death2.1Long, Andrew. "Leadership and management."ABC of Clinical Leadership(2017): 5.2Heracleous, Loizos, and Laura Alexa Klaering. "Charismatic leadership and rhetorical competence: An analysis ofSteve Jobs’s rhetoric."Group & Organization Management39, no. 2 (2014): 131-161.
2ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSISEvaluation of the personal leadership and management skills required to supportachievement of organizational objectivesof ApplePersonal leadership skills and management skills are extremely important in case ofachieving the organizational objectives of any company. In Apple, Steve Jobs brought his farsightedness, charismatic and transformational leadership style to inspire the employees. He hasbrought the transformation in the products and in services. Innovation, invention, elegance indesign and visionary approach towards leadership were another skills displayed by Steve Jobs toachieve the organizational goals of competitive advantage through innovation3.For the management of the organization, Steve Jobs used his conceptual skills,communication skills, interpersonal skills and effectiveness skills to run the company efficientlyand smoothly. Apart from those, the efficient planning, goal setting, responsibility towards theemployees and customers, accountability, ethics, adaptability and time management were someother personal management skills that Jobs applied to expand and grow Apple. All the qualitiesof leadership and management skills of Jobs led to the development and innovation of highquality products to meet the customers’ needs4.Analysis of the impact of organizational objectives, values and cultures on the leadershipand management roleOrganizational objectives, values and organizational culture are extremely essential andinfluential factors for successful management and leadership. Leaders bring new and different3Goetsch, David L., and Stanley B. Davis.Quality management for organizational excellence. Upper Saddle River,NJ: pearson, 2014.4Northouse, Peter G.Leadership: Theory and practice. Sage publications, 2015.
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