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Organizational Behavior - Assignment PDF

Added on - 07 Oct 2021

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Organizational Behavior: Workplace Diversity
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Workplace diversity is a very important concept in the corporate world. This is one of the
major achievable objectives of the organizations. As there are many different types of tasks and
responsibilities in an organization, workplace diversity is encouraged by the management to
manage the workforce and the jobs in an efficient manner (Al-Jenaibi 2017). At the same time,
the increasing diversity among the employees in terms of education, skills and culture also
pushes the organizations to implement measures for workplace diversity.
According to Madsen and Nielsen (2017), workplace diversity is a very common feature
in the modern business world. This is more common in the multinational companies. Employees
come from various origin, gender, age, cultural and educational background, ethnicities and
nationalities and work together in these organizations to achieve the individual as well as
organizational goals and objectives. Hence, it is crucial for the companies to accept the
diversities and differences and provide these employees opportunities to mutually respect these
differences and work together for a better outcome. It also helps in reducing employee turnover.
Lambert (2016) stated that workplace diversity helps to bring innovations and that brings
business success. Due to diverse background, knowledge and skills of the employees, the
organizations are able to adapt to the dynamic business environment and deliver better value to
the customers. Thus, the diverse organizations are more efficient to attract more talents from
the market and gain a better market share.
The acceptance and implementation of the flexible diversity policies help the
organizations create a global mindset and a cultural fluency. As stated by Barak (2016),
diversity cannot be imposed later, rather the organizations need to integrate their attitude
towards workplace diversity and design the measures since the beginning to bring the best
results. Hence, diversity in workplace helps to build a positive and respectful work culture, which
helps the employees to stay motivated by keeping aside the differences and apprehensions and
working together to achieve a greater good. Shemla (2018) highlighted that the organizations
often try to align their organizational goals with diversity practices. The problem arises in how
the company designs its policies and implements those. To achieve workplace diversity, a
company should be clear about their goals and objectives regarding diversity; they should not
copy and paste from the theories, rather they should integrate the theories in their specific
attributes; good implementation policies should be designed and the organization must try to
motivate the employees.
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