Organizational Behavior.

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Running head- Organizational BehaviorOrganizational Behavior
1Organizational BehaviorTheory of EthicsEthics defines what is right and what is wrong from the society point of view. It is the moralprinciple which guides the behavior of an individual (Johnson, 2018). The theory of ethical andunethical issues are very important is very important in an organizational setting. In anorganization, there might be some issues related to ethics which is necessary to address formaintaining the performance and productivity of the organization. Badmouthing about acolleague is an example of unethical behavior or issue (Johnson, 2018).1.The organizational problems are the reflection of the individual and societal, ethical issues.An organization is same as a society in which several individuals work. The organizationproblems arise due to the unethical behavior of the individuals as in the society. So,individual and societal ethical issues and the organizational problems are correlated witheach other (McLeod et al., 2016). Therefore, individual and societal ethical issues can beutilized to deal with the organizational problems.2.Individual rights could be justified and implemented by adopting the right rules andregulation in the organization. By resolving the unethical issues and enforcing ethicalbehavior in the organization, it can also be justified and implemented (McLeod et al., 2016).Creating a healthy organizational culture and working environment also help in maintainingindividual rights in the organization.3.It is important to follow the culture and tradition of the society where the organization isoperating. The ethical standard of a country may vary from the ethical standard of anothercountry. But some of the ethical values are acceptable everywhere in the world such ashonesty, fairness, loyalty, integrity, etc. These ethical values are always helping in solvingthe ethical issues in the organization (McLeod et al., 2016). If these values are ensured in the
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