MGT3OCD Organisational Renewal & The Diagnostic Process

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE & DEVELOPMENTOrganizational Change & DevelopmentName of the studentName of the universityAuthor’s Note
ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE & DEVELOPMENT1Value and Goal SubsystemThe organizational improvement and excellence is not given priority by the managers whereas,MIS VP Ms. Wyatt is the only one seemed to be concerned. The institution is primitive andthus, follows the traditional approach. New changes have negative critic in the organization andnaïve employees and managers are very much reluctant to stick to the conventional form. Clientsare not prepared for change as well as unprepared and unfamiliar with the system (Davis et al.2014).Technical SubsystemMIS need new approach to organizational goals and values by adding new forms and limitations.Structural SubsystemStaffs, lower in the hierarchy were excluded from preparation and decision for MIS. Chain ofcommand is not effective; Ms. Wyatt was prohibited to bring changes to the system as well asinforming the president (Paja, Dalpiaz and Giorgini 2013).PsychosocialSubsystemLack of will and motivation among the managers is hampering the production of theorganization. Keep the staffs away from decision-making, resulting into lack of commitment andtrust. The senior vice presidents of each department have been with the bank for many years andthus, reflect a stable and conservative outlook. Senior males of the organization neglected,opinion of a woman.Managerial Subsystem
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