Organizational Planning Assignment Foleo Group Limited

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Organizational Planning and Response Foleo Group Limited(Author’s name)(Institutional Affiliation)1
OverviewFounded in the year 1988, Foleo by James Ford and Leon Thomson, Foleo Fones wasoriginally established as a mobile phone importation company. The growth of the business led toit being changed to a limited liability company in the year 1989 after it it was renamed to FoleoEnterprises TY LTD. In an effort to overcome the challenge if reduced profitability the companydiversified its product offering and ventured into the production of Foleo Accessories in the year2002. This paper proposes an initiative that will expand the current operations of FoleoAccessories business unit. In doing this the paper will present a SWOT analysis of the companiesaccessories unit and based on the analysis propose a suited initiative.SWOT Analysis of Foleo Accessories UnitStrengthsA major strength for the accessories unit is that the company’s primary productionfacility in Western Sydney had been redesigned to accommodate the manufacturing of FoleoAccessories products. This serves to significantly reduce the cost of production and ensure thecompany has control over the production process. A key advantage for Foleo accessories is thefact that the products are sold direct to the consumer through Foleo owned kiosks that are acrossAustralia. This serves to mitigate the problems of pricing and profit margins. Foleo accessoriesalso have an online marketing platform enabling it to sell to a larger clientele base and reducingthe cost operations. Another advantage for the company is the fact that the organization operatesunder a decentralized system allowing for efficient decision making for the accessories unit.WeaknessesChallenges with material delivery timelines and quality impacted the effective operationof the units. Lack of control over warehouse and purchasing affairs negatively impacted the2
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