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Running head: Structural Barriers in a Medium Security FacilityStructural Barriers in a Medium Security FacilityName of StudentName of UniversityAuthor Note
1Structural Barriers in a Medium Security FacilityA medium security facility has various passive and active structural barriers. FederalCorrectional Institutions (FCIs), medium security prison facilities can accommodatedetainees in prison cells and also some of these prisoners have a background marked byviciousness. FCIs which have medium security facility are encompassed by bunch of razorwire and protective walls of various types, alongside a furnished border vehicle that circlesthe jail night and day (Frost & Monteiro, 2016).Conti ngent upon the jail, brutality can bepervasive and serious. prisoner must have under 30 years imprisonment on their sentences tobe detained at medium-security prisons like FCIs. Most of the prisoners are allowed to behoused at medium-security FCIs. Here the level of staffing is higher than at low-securityFCIs, however it is low compared to high-security government detainment facilities. CCTV,electronic gates , Protective barriers which are first line of defense, signage which Signagefills numerous needs on DoD establishments and offices. Signs can be instructive to conveymessages, for example, guiding people to different areas, or they can be administrative andfill in as an obstacle. Clear zone is an area inside and outside the perimeter fence or barrier ofthe protected area. Clear zones provide increased effectiveness of physical barriers, allowsecurity forces to have unimpeded observation, and prevent intruders from being able to hide.These are active structural barriers which are advantages of a medium security facility.Passive structural barriers such as sight lighting, Fire and smoke curtains, fire doorsare implemented in medium security facility which enhances its security (Fennelly 2016).Disadvantages of passive structural barriers are , complexity of installation and costeffectiveness.
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