Organizational/Operational Feasibility.

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Organizational/Operational Feasibility-How well does the proposed system solve the problem(s), or take advantage of the opportunity identified?-How easily can the proposed system be integrated into theexisting business processes?-Is there a need for additional staffing?-Will staffing be reduced, and if so, how will that likely impact the organization?-Will a reorganization of the staff be required?-Is retraining feasible?Develop a paragraph or two answering the questions above. Include a convincing argument for the likelihood of success of theproposed solution.
Business Problem: The core business problem facing Trusty Carpets is how to effectively merge all sales and customer components of the business into one united operation with aligned strategies and goals.There are three primary components of the business: the Trusty Carpets store, the Metro Carpets store, and Mike’s carpet installation business. All components have separate sales, customer services, and customers. Reasons as to why this problem exists include the following:There is no core communication or an IT system connecting these components together.Metro Carpets is a new acquisition and, as such, is still undergoing renovation.Mike’s carpet installation business is still a completely separate business with a different business model.There is no defined vision on how to unite these separate components.The business strategy greatly depends on how these components work together in unison to generate the most revenue. In order to create a successful business strategy, all critical components of the business must be known; otherwise, the new business strategy will have no real direction for implementation.

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