Effective Organizational Meeting

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Organize Meeting2Question 1Five types of meeting an organization may prepare;1. Decision-making meetings2. Innovation meetings3. Information sharing meetings4. Team building meetings5. Status update meetingsQuestion 2Organization have an obligation of conducting a meeting in accord to the requirements that are inapplication to the meeting to be helda.Workplace healthy and safety-meeting should be in a place that conducive to human stayand endure safety of the people.b.Discrimination participant should not be discriminated based on any ground but shouldall be given equal chancesc.Confidentiality-participants should pose high confidence in relation to the information ofthe organization.d.Voting. The ground rule can be majority wins.Question 3Legal requirements-an agenda, a chairperson, formal minutes of meetingsOrganizational requirement-safe workplace,Question 4In organizing a meeting, legal and ethical obligations have to adhere to. Members who areparticipating in a meeting, have to be aware of the responsibilities they have in relation to codesof conduct, for example how they conduct themselves during the meeting. Many organizationshave set the codes of conduct on the members expected behavior. This codes of conduct are
Organize Meeting3majorly communicated under ground rules that have been determined by the group meeting.Legal requirements have to be considered when organizing formal meetings. These requirementshave to be effective in all organization activities and meetings. Members participating in thesemeetings want their voices and suggestion or decision to be accepted willingly and be actedupon. This may be hard to achieve in meeting that practice unethical code of conduct(Steep,2016).Another importance of following the legal and ethical requirement is that they are structured tohelp safeguard and represent the interest of those who are absent as well as those who arepresent. They ensure that all the activities of the formal meeting are transparent and that themembers who participated are accountable.Question 5Failure to adhere to the code of practice informal meetings can result in the following. Creationof work environment that is full of malice and mistrust. Decision made during the meeting willnot be for the benefit of the organization but self-benefit. There will be lower productivity of theorganization, conflict promotion and consequently failure of the company. When there is notransparency in the activity of the meetings, stakeholders are likely to lose their interest in theorganization and withdraw from financing the organization. Lack of code of practice in themeeting will lead to a drop in the stock price. No one is willing to buy shares from companieswithout a code of practice that is adhered to the later. The organization is likely to post poorreturns due to dishonesty in the firms(Fisher, 2015).Question 61.What is the objective set aside for the meeting to accomplish?2.What is the least outcome that the organization will accept abut still conduct a meetingthat is successful?3.What is the designed format that is expected to be used in the meeting so as to ensureobjectives have been accomplished? Is it teleconference, video conference or face to facemeeting?4.Are there any ground rules set so as to ensure member practice ethical code of practice?
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