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pdf Outbound Tour Operators

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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Effects of current trends on tourism1.1.1 Tour Operator TypesInbound Tour OperatorsThese tour operators are more engaged inpromotion of destinations and work withlocal resident travellers and destinations.The inbound tourism organisationsrepresent about 11% of the total tourismflows in Malaysia and it accounts forabout 18% of the total tourismexpenditure (Brito & Pratas, 2016).All expenditures made by local andforeign tourists in Malaysia tourism donot count as revenues for the industry.The recent development in webtechnologies have lead to the emergenceof great numbers of tour operators henceleading to increased competition.Domestic Tour OperatorsoThese tour operators work with localtravellersoSince the tourism industry acts as a vitaltool for economic growth in Malaysia,domestic tour operators are constantlyincreasing and supported by thegovernment (Beckeret al. 2017).oTravel by the local residents in thecountry is often ignored by mostoperators.oRapid growth if international tourism,Outbound Tour OperatorsoThese operators work with more internationaltravellers.oThe recent BREXIT vote has created a weakerpound value which makes the sales cost rise upin Malaysia (Avraham, 2016).oTravel operators are frequently engaged inmoney transfers and handling in differentcurrencies.oThe UK bound tour operators are henceexperiencing hardships in finding morecustomers since the prices have gone upconsiderably.Specialised Tour OperatorsoThese operators specialise in certain travelregions of the world.oDue to the consequent mergers in the UKtourism industry, the market is beingdominated by large-scale operators who tendto buy up smaller organisations frequently(LCB Tour, 2018).oIt is ambiguous if the customer's prefer masstourism over specialised tourist packages.oA survey carried out by Responsible tourismshowed that travellers usually don’t like masstourism. More than 76% of the customers
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