Outsourcing Business Processes for Innovation

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REFLECTIVE JOURNAL:Learning is the process that helps in acquiring new and modified knowledge about theparticular topic. There are many ways that provides the platform for the individual to gainknowledge and learning. Performing research is one of the best ways to learn. It has beenanalysed that when a research is conducted, it requires the researcher to analyse the variousaspects of the topic and this is what I have done in this research. The learning that I haveexperienced in this research has changed my opinion regarding the topic. The topic of myresearch was outsourcing. I have gathered various knowledge about outsourcing and I thinkresearch is one of the very good options to understand the topic from every aspects. Thisexperience has added great value to my knowledge. After conducting this research, I haverealised the importance outsourcing for the business and I get to know about the variousfunctions that the industry or the companies used to outsource. This experience is very muchvaluable in terms of getting better professional knowledge.This learning experience has provided me the knowledge of the subject along with the overallprocess of conducting the reserach.it has been analysed that I have learnt about the variousresearch methods and figured out that conduct research and taking the decision over theresearch methods is very difficult as all should be relevant to each other. This learning hashelped me in every phase and field of my life. First of all, if I talk about my course, researchon outsourcing helped me in preparing my assignment and the overall process of research hashelped in conducting further researches all over my course. As far as the overall program isconsidered, I have realised that now I am capable enough to prepare for the research andmake the proposal very easily. This is because I have used many research methods in thisresearch and thus gained the knowledge about the same.In my future career, this knowledge of outsourcing will help me in understanding thebusiness operation in whichever company I will go. As I have researched about this topic thusI can make recommendation to the future company regarding the same and this will definitelyhelp me in gaining a better image. In general life, outsourcing is not that much related but theknowledge of conducting research has broadened my thinking skills.
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