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OverviewFollowing the collapse of his airline company last year due to ongoing design faults with theirdatabase, Jedi Warrior Yoda has decided to open an online sales platform called YodaBay. As chiefexecutive, Yoda, requires a database be constructed for this company. Unfortunately, Yoda knowslittle about the database other than that the data recorded is typical for an online sales platform like forexample, eBay. Yoda instructs you ‘truth in the data itself may be found, believe in the functionaldependencies’.If you are unsure of relationships between the data, the data itself is representative of the wholespectrum.Given the two data files and the data therein design and construct a database (including tables,structures and data). You may use a top down or bottom up approach as you see fit; most likely youwill mix them. Specifically you must:1.You must use oracle with sql-developer to construct the database, 2.The final tables must be in 3rd normal form, 3.Assign primary and foreign keys, and 4.Resolve all specialisations in a sensible manner. Once you have constructed this database complete the questions below.Problem 1:Describe the process used to design your database. Note that there are many approaches that areequally valid as long as they work; what I seek is for you to argue the case that the approach youused was the appropriate one. Specifically, specify why you constructed the tables in the order youconstructed them. Explain why you used a top down or bottom up approach or a mix of the two. Whatelements of the top down/bottom up approach did you use and why? If you used an initial EERDmention this or for example if you created a new table because an existing table was not in aparticular normal form mention this.Draw the EERD for your solution. In particular show the specialisations, entities, linking entities,multiplicities and primary and foreign keys. To aid in your assignment report use template_EERD.pptas a template (it can be found in the assignment folder) to draw your EERD.2
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