Sustainable Tourism Development Assignment Philippines

Added on - 15 Jan 2020

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P 3.1 Introduction about tourism development of Philippines:Sustainable tourism is thriving in the Philippines. In the recent yearstourists in Philippines have increased to approximately nine times.Philippines have also maintained the sustainability in Philippines. Dueto the sustainability, tourism in Philippines has been maintainedwithout much interference from government. Sustainability combinedwith tourism is paying money to many of the residents in Tubbatahaarea.P 3.2 Analysis of the factors for preventing tourism development:The most important factor in preventing sustainable tourismdevelopment in the Philippines is the Seasonality and its effect on thelevel of planning. The lack of access to amenities like clean water,affordable food and easy visa process are the other factors which arepreventing tourism. The access to housing and easy visa process is theother reasons which are affecting sustainable tourism in the Tubbatahaarea.3. Understanding the need for sustainable tourism:
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