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P1IntroductionIn this task I will be discussing the following technologies in the context of e-commerce,such as hardware, software and networking. I will be investigating 3 different websites andanalyse and compare the performance of each website by using Pingdom. Lastly, I will bedemonstrating how to purchase a domain name for Urban.HardwareWeb server and specifications-Web Servers are essentially computers that bring webpages. All web servers have an IP Address and may have a domain name. An example of thefunction of a web server is to enter a URL in a browser; this wouldrequest the web server whose domain would be The server would then obtainthe page with that name and send it to the browser of the user. The most common webserver is the Apache web server with a large 33.6% of market shares ofall web servers on the internet.Monitor-Another term for display screen. The term monitor, typicallyrefers to the whole box, whereas the display screen means just thescreen. In addition, the term monitor often suggests graphicscapabilities. A monitor, no matter the type, usually connects to eitheran HDMI, DVI, or VGA port.Keyboard-Certain users navigate through the internet using thekeyboard rather than the mouse. Some users with certaindisabilities have no choice but to use the keyboard. For example,people with a motor impairment have difficulty with the finemotor movements required for using a mouse; blind users rely onassistive technology such as screen readers and can’t see where toclick the mouse.Mouse-The mouse is how the client controls what happens and theprimary strategy for control is the mouse. Typically, in the office, astandard 102 key, two catch mouse is used. Also, WIMP (windows,icons, menus, pointer) is commonly used to maximise usability.Modem-A modem connects the computer to the outside world.They are given by ISP (Internet service production) at which a client joins yet might beobtained. They impart in the dialect sent by the client to the ISP and give in open line ofcorrespondence once the client has been checked.Network card-A network interface card (NIC) is a circuit board that youplace into your computer so the computer can be linked to a network.Most network interface cards are intended for an exact type of network,protocol and media. Some network interface cards can serve numerousnetworks.
P1SoftwareServer software-Server software is essentially software which is used by web designers toadd more web pages to their web sites with ease. Without the software it would be difficulttrying to add another web page to an already made website. The software works through aprocedure known as FTP (file transfer protocol) this procedure uploads web pages straightonto a website without any difficulty.Web browser-A web browser is a software application on computers which is used tolocate, recover and display content on the internet which includes images, videos, webpages and other files. As a client model, the browser is the client run on a computer thatcontacts the web server and requests information. The web server directs information backto the web browser and which then displays the results on the computer or other deviceswhich is enabled to use internet and supports a browser.Web creation tools-These tools make it likely for more people to generate web pagesbecause they shorten the process of making it less problematic. This results in anybodybeing able to do this, whether or not they are IT experts. As a result of this, some people saythat this has helped the internet, whereas others say it has hindered it, this is due to thequality of content on the internet. The two biggest web design tools are AdobeDreamweaver and Microsoft Office.Database creation tools-Usually, e-commerce websites have a database back-end storingthe catalogue of products, customer records and other business information. It is significantthat this database is related to the website smoothly, so the user does not realise. A numberof organisations allow the creation of their website to be known, however they hold controlof the content of the database, which means that if any alterations are required, such asprice changes, only the database needs altering and only the organisation can do this.NetworkingPorts/protocols-A port is software that aids a communications endpoint In a computer’s host operating system. A port is typically linked with the Internet protocoladdress of the host as well as the type of protocol that is used for communication. A port isidentified by each address and protocol by a 16-bit number, commonly known as the portnumber. In networking, a protocol is the distinct set of rules in networking andcommunication between telecommunication devices. A protocol controls the following: thetype of error checking which will be used and how the sending device will indicate that ithas finished sending a message.TCP/IP-Computers need to use the same protocol, as this helps two computerscomprehend the data conveyed between them. Each computer is given a unique number, inorder to make sure the data arrives at the correct location on a network. This is called an IPaddress. It has a set of four numbers each from 0-255. There are some default ports, forexample, port 25 is typically used for email and port 80 is mostly used for the internet,although these can be changed.
P1Domain names and registrationDomain registration is the procedure of registering a domain name, which recognises one ormore IP addresses with a name that is easier to recall and use in URLs to classify specificWeb pages. The person or business that registers a domain name is named the domainname registrant. Domain registration requires utilizing the services of a domain nameregistrar like ICANN or national ccTLD that has the power to register domain names.ProgrammingMySQL-MySQL is a database management system. A database is anorganised group of data. It may be anything from a simple shopping listto a picture gallery or the large totals of information in a corporatenetwork. To add and process data kept in a computer database, youwould need a database management system such as a MySQL Server.Since computers are very good at managing huge amounts of data,database management systems play an integral role in computing or asparts of other applications.PHP-PHP (personal home page) is one of the most popular server-side scripting languagesin existence today. It has the ability to connect back and forth with a server and make alively web page for the user. If you have a web hosting account to run your personal blog orwebsite PHP will already be installed. If you have desires of becoming a web developer, PHPis a must for you and will let you produce dynamic web pages based on external input fromthe user.JavaScript-Another programming language isJavaScript. It is used to make webpages interactive. JavaScript support is constructed into every major web browser,including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari etc. Provided that the guests to yoursite are using web browsers that support JavaScript and have JavaScript enabled,then your JavaScript will work when they visit the page. JavaScript is often used tomake polls and quizzes.HTML-HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) is simply a language for defining web-pagesusing normal text. HTML is not a difficult programming language compared to PHP,JavaScript and MySQL. Every web page is a HTML file. Each HTML file is just a text file, butwith a .html file extension instead of .txt. It is made up of many HTML tags as well as theinformation for a web page.Internet speeds and connectionsWhen running an online business, it is important to constantly monitor download speeds ofyour customers using analytics tools such as Google analytics. You also need to modify yourwebsite so that the images are as compressed as possible without conceding the quality ofthe site. All coding must run as efficiently as possible so that the site loads as fast as
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