(P25) Contemporary Issues in T&T


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Contemporary Issues in T&T
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2.1 Current trends in influencing change in the travel and
tourism sector
Tourism is considered as the worldwide industry which has been
fluctuating in respect to crime, terrorism, natural disaster and economic
forces etc.
However, all such changes influences the travel and tourism business.
Hence, it is essential for Thomas Cook to assess all such changes in the
current trends and thus avoid in order to plan effective tourism growth.
Thus, it helps in attracting tourists to visit the country and enhance tourism
so that satisfaction can be attained. Terrorism attacks influences travel and
tourism sector and thus decreases the number of tourists within the
(P25) Contemporary Issues in T&T_2

visitors arriving to different countries
Following is the table ofnumber of visitors arriving to different countries-
Country Number of
Norway 80000
Germany 48000
United states 61000
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