Healthy Relation with Team Mates

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FEEDBACK FORM{P6}You need to keep a copy of the feedbackyou giveto your colleagues in your portfolioYou also need to keep a copy of feedbackyou receivefrom your colleagues in your portfolioFeedback FROMFeedback TOActivity TaskReceiving and providingfeedback to other teamMembersYou need to keep a copy of the feedbackyou giveto Ana in your portfolioFeedback Forms of feedback you gave and feedback you receivedThe feedback provided to the Ana is to maintain healthy relations among team mates througha better communication and support. It creates a healthy working atmosphere at workplacewhich in results increasing the contribution of team mates towards desirted goals andobjectives.You also need to keep a copy of feedbackyou receivefrom Andreass in your portfolioReceving feedbacks from Andreass is to improve skills which includes communication, teamwork etc. So that better outcomes can be provided while working in a team. Establishing ahealthy relation with team mates can be possible only when the meaning of comunicatinginformation or message can be easily understood which in results perform in right direction.You also need to keep a copy of feedbackyou receive and givefrom Gratiela in yourportfolioThe feedback provided to the Gratiela is enhance negotiable skills where the mainconcentatration should be on forminng of the decision by considering all the aspect either be itpositive or negative so that all the organisational activities can be operated in an appropriatemanner. Other, the feedback is given by the Gratiela is that the leader must focus on theinvolovement of the employees in their decision-making process so that they can share theirideas, conflicts and thoughts with the management.
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