K1463130 U.K. Road Traffic Monitoring Website

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Page1of12FACULTY OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERINGAND COMPUTINGSchool ofComputing and Information SystemsBSc DEGREEINSoftware engineeringPROJECT PROPOSALName:Mohamed Amiin Mahmoud AliID Number:K1463130Project Title:U.K. road traffic monitoring websiteProjecttype:BuildDate:14/10/2016Supervisor:Paul NeveDid you discuss and agree the viability of your project idea with your supervisor?YesDid you submit a draft of your proposal to your supervisor?YesDid you receive feedback from your supervisor on any submitted draft? Yes
Page2of12PROPOSALFEEDBACKStudent: Mohamed Amiin Mahmoud AliID Number: K1463130Supervisor: Paul NeveCriteriaFeedbackAbstract / IntroductionAims & ObjectivesMethodologyData collectionTechnology and resources /Ethical IssuesContentAbstract & Extension P3Introduction P4Objectives P4 - 5Aims P5Data collection P6Methodology P7 - 8Workflow P9 - 10AbstractTraffic blockage and congestion is a circumstance on transport networks thathappens as road use rises, and is described by slower speeds, longer journeytimes, and vehicle queues. When traffic demand is high, the interaction betweenvehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream, this results in congestion [1].Technology & resources P11Ethical issues P11Bibliography P12
Page3of12When vehicles are fully stopped for periods of time are known astrafficjamortraffic blockage. Traffic congestion can lead to drivers becoming frustratedand being involved inroad rage [1].Yahoo! Traffic and Traffic.com are traffic information services that only providecurrent information about traffic conditions in a specific area or region. Currenttraffic information is still important and essential, but these reports sometimestend to be partial or incomplete, because their sources most of the time fails toreport the current traffic conditions. As a consequence, the user cannot assumethat there is no heavy traffic in a given location because that location was notreported by these services.Abstract extensionNowadays, the users are only able to view and access past info statistics however notpresent traffic or weather information. The system I will be offering will allow usersto look at the present information for traffic and weather reports. This could behelpful when viewing data on a selected route, therefore users will be able todetermine the present conditions.I don’t know in what way it would be helpful to drivers to view historic reports oftraffic. This description provides suggestions, and I should interview drivers toexplore with different ways to process with traffic info. There also are some issuesregarding current user interfaces, a way to style the system so it is quickly and safelyuseable from an integral and touch screen while driving on a full or jammed road.Studying traffic statistics is fascinating in its claim. My aim is to design a system tohelp in studying traffic related figures from incidents and other causes of congestion.IntroductionCongestion is costly for people who live in our city regions too, who findthemselves stuck in traffic when they should be at work or simply frustrated atthe time wasted in trying to get from point A to B [3].Trafficonroads are made up ofvehicles,cars,busesand othermeans oftransports, either singly or together, while using the public way for purposes oftravel.Traffic lawsare thelawswhich govern traffic and regulate vehicles,
Page4of12whilerules of the roadare both the laws and theinformal rulesthat may havedeveloped over time to facilitate the orderly and timely flow of traffic.Traffic could also potentially slow into congestion and become disrupted fromreasons such as road works, or collisions. To prevent those kinds of events,organisations usually produce better combinations of travel safety and efficiency;they also havewell established priorities such as right of way, lanes, and trafficcontrol atjunctions.ObjectivesThe aim of the project will be to deliver and provide useful information and dataabout traffic in a specific geographical area in the U.K based on the history ofpresent-day weather, the time of the day and patterns of flowing traffic. Thisinformation and data could then be used by road users (car drivers andmotorcycle riders) which could allow them to plan their journey ahead, andchoose the best time and alternative routes for their convenience at a chosen andspecified time.The idea is to analyse historic traffic information collected over a period of time tohighlight locations which appear most frequently in the traffic advisories and thusare likely to be subject to heavy traffic conditions even if they do not appear inthe current traffic suggested. Here are specific examples of services that could beoffered in the system:-A traffic map which analyses traffic history across a specific area, dependingon the choice of the day or days of the week, weather conditions, andseverity of incidents,-Traffic pattern history along a route between two end points, depending ofthe time of the day and weather conditions,If users preferred route could potentially suffer from heavy traffic for the specifiedtravel period, the website traffic system could:-Allow the user to be offered an alternative diversion route,-Recommend an alternative time to travel along a current route.Traffic pattern is a function that describes the number of reported traffic incidentsdepending on weather conditions and the time of day.
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