Enhancing Palace Cinemas' Online Presence through Data-Driven Strategies


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Online PartnershipThe Palace Cinema can engage in the online partnership or affiliate program that can help bring the customers to it. The affiliate programs will encourage the partners of Palace Cinemain earning some money in return of referring the customers to the Cinema. At present, there are two customer segments that have been targeted for the online partnership program. The first group falls in the age group of 60+ years. They are retirees who hold no responsibilities in their lives and have ample amount of time to spend having fun. This group can be observedhanging out in areas such as restaurants, winery, and local community. The presence of these people in at the winery and in the local community groups can be found in abundance and therefore these formations can be contacted to ensure that this customer group is referred from there. In this referral, the party referring the customers will be getting five to seven per-cent of what is being earned by the Cinema as commission. The provision for the commission is important as it will ensure that the parties stay motivated for the future and keep sending the customer to the cinema. In addition to that, it is also important that the customers are also provided some element of attraction so that they can come to pay the visit. As stated earlier that the first target customer is the retirees, therefore it is clear that they have limited source of income but more time to have fun. Therefore, giving them some discount on tickets would be an appreciable move to attract them. It has been suggested that this customer group should be given 10% discount on the tickets they are buying. The Palace can pay commission for each of the customers who is visiting the Palace. This cannot be stated as the loss on the profitability for the Palace in the long run. The reason is that in the long run the, it is most likely that with this effort, the popularity of the Palace will increase and if the customers liked its services, then the current expenditure can be covered in the later period.
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The next target group for the Palace is to engage with the volunteers for conservation activities. These can also gain the opportunity to earn some fund by referring the customers tothe Palace. Added to that, the partnership with the insurance company is suggested for the lifeinsurance requirements. Some of the examples are Bupa, AAMI, Allianz and others(Bupa.com.au, 2017). The cooperation with the local grocery shops to put discounts on their reward card or Flybuys will act as an appreciable move. Moreover, the cooperation with the flight companies can be done for the achievement of the purpose. There are various private popular flight companies would find the deal profitable and an opportunity to increase their side income by engaging in the referral activities. Some of the airline companies are Vrigin, Qantas, Jetstar, and others(Movies.qantaspoints.com, 2017). It can be observed that most of the method that have been applied to attract the customers from the retirees group is that the retirees are those adopt the technology very late and still there are limited number of people from this group are who are present on the online network. They are adopting the new technologies very slowly. This is the reason, the use of referral aspects from the partners is important.Affiliate MarketingAnother group who is under the target are those who fall in the age of 35 years to 44 years. These individuals are the online adopters of the technology and they also use the services thatare being used by the retirees. However, they prefer to use the online method to facilitate their life styles more than the online elements. Therefore, the use of affiliate marketing can bebeneficial for this group(Profile, 2017). In addition to this group, the individuals from the retirees’ group can also be found on the online channels to some extent and therefore the use of affiliate marketing can target both the groups. At present, there are various websites that
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