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Paper on the Communication Process

Added on - 11 May 2020

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IntroductionThis paper seeks to visually communicate a process of working for the future which basicallyentails a student spending time to read learning materials for school work. The leaner thereforeneeds to make a number of choices that will help in the course of the knowledge acquisitionprocess. To achieve this, pictures of learning materials as symbol of communication will beutilized to convey the message. I am planning to work on signs genre of visual communication.(Hartley, 2016)First ImageThe first image entails pictures of books whose contents are not clear enough or legible forreading and geometrical set. In this case I am trying to paint a picture to my audience that is thelearners of the process of knowledge acquisition that is a time clouded and not very clear for the
leaner to pick. This is intended to communicate to the student that the process of knowledgeacquisition is not all straight path. The image was created by uploading it to Pixlr then utilizingcrop tool to fit the image into desirable size and Wand tool to make the readings on the booksunclear. Type tool was also used to insert the words “lights towards future!!” I made the choiceto include these words in the picture to make my message clearer. I assumed that my audiencewill be able to understand that images can be altered such that it will not be difficult for them tounderstand how writings in a printed book can be illegible. I got this image form digital learningplatform and I have permission to use it for educational purposes only. Cropping worked well forthis image as it was able to make the image tidy and clear.(Hartley, 2016)
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