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Running Head: THE EXPERIENCE OF HEALTH CARE DELIVERY ON PATIENTSThe Experience of Health Care Delivery on PatientsNameInstitutional affiliation
THE EXPERIENCE OF HEALTH CARE DELIVERY ON PATIENTS 2The Experience of Health Care Delivery on PatientsThis description paper is about substantive and cohesive response describing the single organization or support that would be convoluted in the delivery of care for a patient of hypothetical suffering either hemorrhagic stroke or stroke. The specific details of the organisation involved in the provision of the health care service which will be discussed in this description paper include the geographical location in which the facility is located, the primary diagnosis of the hypothetical patient, the type of patients who are normally treated at this facility,the administration, departments, payment sources that the organization accepts, and other organizations coordinating with this particular one to provide an optimal care[CITATION Joh161 \p 158 \l 1033 ]. In this descriptive paper, the hypothetical patient under consideration is a 56-year-old man who is a stroke patient and living in Houston, Texas. The organization or agency that this patient will be TIRR Memorial Hermann which is an abbreviation of The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research[CITATION Cha15 \p 167 \l 1033 ]. This hospital is accessible to this hypothetical patient since it deals with stroke and is also accessible by the patient in question. TIRR Memorial HermannThis facility is a 134-bed a stroke rehabilitation hospital, research and rehabilitation center, network outpatient center, and outpatient medical clinic in Texas, more specifically in Houston which offers physical rehabilitation to any patients suffering from traumatic spinal or brain injury or those patients suffering neurologic. The TIRR Memorial Hermann was named by the World Report and US News in 2014 to the list of the best Hospitals in America for the 25thconsecutive time. The history of this hospital can be traced back in the 1950s during the polio
THE EXPERIENCE OF HEALTH CARE DELIVERY ON PATIENTS 3epidemic in the US. The first polio treatment center was established by William Spencer in Houston[CITATION Mar131 \p 175 \l 1033 ]. Geographic LocationThe TIRR Memorial Harman is situated in of medical center of Texas in a Houston, Texas in the US of America. This hospital is located in a same geographical area as the 56-year-old man suffering from the stroke who is the hypothetical patient seeking treatment. It is in order for this patient to seek medication in a hospital that is near his geographical are so that in case there is emergency caused by the stroke he is suffering from, then he can easily be transported to the facility by the use of ambulance belonging to the TIRR Memorial Harman[CITATION Mar131 \p 248 \l 1033 ].Primary diagnosis of the stroke hypothetical patientTo determine the best suitable primary diagnosis for the 5-year-old man suffering from stroke, the emergency team need an evaluation on the type of stroke that the hypothetical patient is suffering from and the region of the brain that have been affected by the brain. Other possible causes of the symptoms should also not be ruled out like drug reaction or a brain tumor. Some of the tests which can be carried out in the determination of the stoke risks are: Physical inspection: first the patient will be asked by the doctor concerning the symptoms that hehas been having, the day they started, personal and family history of stroke, and the duty he was doing when it began. This will be followed by an evaluation if the symptoms are still present. Tests will be carried out to determine the blood pressure, and use a stethoscope to listen whooshing sound which may indicate atherosclerosis[CITATION Cha15 \p 187 \l 1033 ].

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