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Paper on Advertisement of Product and Services

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Added on  2020-02-18

Paper on Advertisement of Product and Services

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Surname 1Student’s Name:Tutor’s Name:Course:Date Due:Advertisement Advertisement is important in sensitizing and persuading consumers to gain interest to the certain opinion, product, and services that are being advertised. Advertisements in the recent past have been used in a variety of activities for example goods promotion, political campaigning, and warnings. The advertisement has become an important and significant service industry that is even a primary source of income for the media including, newspapers, magazines, televisions and radio stations. In the ancient time's advertisements were done by word of mouth, but with the development and invention of printing in the 15th and 16th century, when modern advertising was born where newspapers began to carry advertisements. This paper will discuss the various strategies that have been used by advertisers in order to convince, educate or bring their target audience into attention of their various products in the 20th century.The expansion of the adverting industry expanded primarily in the 19th century where in some countries, for example, the United States there was the establishment of the advertisement agencies who acted as brokers of space in the newspapers and magazines (McGregor and Sue, 38). In the 20th century, the companies later became the producers of the advertising message, where they were to oversee the research and creation of the advert, undertake the advertising campaigns and ensure the placement of the advert in the various media.
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Surname 2Advertisement grew over a variety of media with newspaper and magazine being the most basic and favorable among advertisers as it offered a large circulation and readership in a given region. However, the magazines were being used to target a specific audience, for example, those interested in literature, technology, and sports which offered the manufacturer of products that are of interest to such audience a chance to make contact with their most likely customers (Lotz and Rachel, 38). In the western, radio and television became the most convincing media. However, most of the television and radio stations were state-run and did not accept adverts in others advertisers were able to secure spots to showcase their products often a few minutes or seconds in duration. The advertising spots are broadcasted during or even between regular programs or as specified by advertisers as they were interested in capturing a vast of the audience in showcasing their products. The advertisers were interested in the composition and the size of the audience which also determined the cost of the advertisement as the bigger the audience captured, the higher the charges to advertise. Direct mail is another advertisement platform that has been in use, it's easy, cheap, can bedetailed and creates a personalized appeal to the target audience. With many people being in possession of computers or ease of access to the computer and smart phones either at work or in office hence one can open a mail sent to them at any time. The use of mail is also advantageous as a consumer interested can send the enquiry and seek clarification from the manufacturers through the mail platform.For effective advertisement, the production and placement of the advertisement are basedon knowledge of the public and skilled use of media (Jones and Carl 213). Agencies undertaking the advertising serve to orchestrate complex campaigns where they first learn about the
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