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Paper on Human Resource Management

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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMNTHuman resource managementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
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1HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTIntroduction The Human Resource management can be considered as the backbone in everyorganization that may be for medium sized corporate houses to the small companies even. Theleaders of the business need to recognize the different roles of the Human Resource that has animpact that may be immediate on the various performances of the organization. There is a needto align the performance of the company with that of the corporate goals. In order to achieve thegoals of the organization there is a need for the HRM management hat plays the foremost role inbeing the backbone of the company. The managing diversity, strategic planning, recruitment, work life balance and theselection of the various measuring and the practices of the ethics may be of vital success in thehuman resource management system in the organization. There is a need for the human resourcemanagement that has several diverse skills that needs to expertise in the implementation anddelivering on its expectations. The strategies that has been taken up by the HR needs to beimplemented that is considered as the biggest challenge in the HRM faces and the projectexecution is at the bottle neck always. The paper is all about the different purposes that give a reflection of the journal that sendsa feedback, reflection on the different theories and a complete analysis of it with its ideas anddiscussions that can be done in the class. This is considered as an application to the differentpractical knowledge, their experience and reflection to its personal self (Storey 2014).
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2HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTHuman resource managementIn the one week, class lecture about the Human Resource Management (HRM) can beintroduced with the HRM practice that is followed in Australia. The HRM is regarded as one ofthose key components in the equations that are used in the development of the business strategythat needs to be implemented in an effective way that will help an organization to meet up withtheir goals (Purce 2014).Some of the human resource managers have a variety of skills that needs to be expertisebased on the delivery of the expectations. The HR programs are at their skill competency, safety,health and various other competencies managing the diversity of the work life balance, employeeservices and their apprenticeship, evaluation, employment services and their measurements. The most critical functions as per me it can be said that the human functions of thehuman resource management is regarded as the process from the job designing, selection,employment development and their retention and their apprentice (Reiche, Mendenhall and Stahl2016). Some of the biggest assets of this organization is that the employees, if by any chance ishired by the right candidates with the right skills, the organization will eventually deliver theresults that will be beneficial to the organization.This made me very excited that the HRM unit is looking forward in joining the variousworkforces of Australia that may be of short term or in a long term basis employment role thatmust be given a chance (Marchington et al. 2016). Strategic Human Resource ManagementThe strategic human resource management is regarded as an imperative factor in thecourse of the human management on the resources that is defined as the strategies that is useful
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3HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTto the company that will help in implementing in order to stay competitive. There is a need toaddress the challenges in the organization in a competitive way in the organization that has itspattern through the various actions and the plans in order to meet the policy and the goals of thebusiness. These strategies include the education, training, job satisfaction, job security and theorganizational development that is a great place to work in. there is a need for training in theprocess of the strategic learning that will help in the improvement of the current job from wherethe education started preparing for their future job. It can be said that some of the developmentsare based on the specific job relations that could enhance the learning strategy that is related tothe personal growth. This can easily be used for long term and short term basis goals. Thebottleneck needs to be implemented on the various strategies that involves through an analysisand use of the HR tools that includes the SWOT that is required in order to identify the threats,opportunity, weakness and the strengths (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang 2014). A short term goal is an example that can be cited that is of the apprenticeship program forall the University students. This duration of the program has been under the senior employee inthe super vision of the buddy system and the senior employee system. Through the term of thecompetition program the company might have an accepting power of another student that alsoincludes the process of the apprenticeship that should be again applied. There is another exampleof the contractual positions that is based on the project (Rees and Smith 2017) The programs ofthe long term have sustainability in the most challenging way. For an example, it is necessary tokeep the employees happy and satisfied that is not easily found in the projects. The HR hasinitially come up with some of the programs that are highly attractive and also attracts theemployees to participate or try in it. The version of the face book or the implementation of thevarious social intranet services that is found in the organisation. The social intranet services can
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